All prisoners sentenced by the courts to a custodial sentence of 12 months or more will be subject to a period of time on licence when released. A licence is a document that will contain a number of conditions which the inmate must stick to otherwise they will face “recall to custody”

The conditions of the licence and the length that they will run for is specified within the licence and each is individually tailored to the particular individual. If a prisoner breaches any of their licence conditions the Probation Service may request that their licence is revoked. This will lead to them being returned to prison.

If this should happen we can help in making representations to the Parole Board that the prisoner should be re released back into the community. Such representations may be made in writing or orally and Cartwright King can assist with both.

As a National Firm Cartwright King can assist regardless of what prison you or your loved one is returned to following recall and quick steps can be taken to try and secure re-release.

Cartwright King no longer offers Prison Law advice, but we are happy to help direct you to other organisations which may be able to assist. You can call us on 0808 168 5550 or alternatively email us on and we’ll call you back.

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