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29th April 2015

Digging Machines and Red Diesel

Our client is a long-established small family-owned business who own and operate a drilling rig and transporter vehicle. In 2003, he was granted an exemption under paragraph 10 of Schedule…

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16th April 2015

Court Orders Seized Truck to be Returned

On 27 May 2012 the HM Revenue & Customs officers detected over 4.5 kg of cocaine hidden in a Dutch-registered truck at Harwich docks. The driver was released on bail…

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18th August 2014

Clandestine Entrants - The Minimum Requirements for Avoiding Civil Penalties

Last month’s article on Civil Penalties for “clandestine entrants” found hidden in trucks entering into the UK seems to have generated a lot of interest. Since it was published I have…

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Our Fraud Solicitors, Laura Smith and Sundeep Soor, have successfully defended a client who was charged with Conspi…

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