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DVSA (VOSA) prosecutions

If you are prosecuted for criminal offences in the Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court then early legal advice, and representation is an essential step towards protecting both yourself and your business. Always remember, a limited company can also be prosecuted in the criminal courts and may receive very heavy fines, running into millions of pounds.

Operators, directors and Transport Managers are all required to disclose relevant criminal convictions to the Traffic Commissioner as being in reference to issues of repute and fitness to hold an O Licence: failure to disclose will certainly result in a call-in. 

Equally, as a Transport Manager or driver, conviction for criminal offences associated with your driving (e.g. death by careless or dangerous driving, tachograph offences, falsification of documents etc.) will almost certainly result in you being called before the Traffic Commissioner for a Driver conduct hearing. At this hearing the Taffic Commissioner will consider your continuing suitability to hold a vocational licence.

All our Road Transport lawyers are also specialist criminal lawyers with significant experience in all criminal courts and all criminal offences. Our senior in-house barristers have a wealth of experience in defending those types of criminal cases which are particularly relevant to the Road Transport industry: Manslaughter; Death by Dangerous Driving; Causing serious Injury; Dangerous and Careless Driving; Falsification of Tachograph and other records; Tachograph and Driver Hours infringements; No Insurance/licence/MOT etc.

The breadth and diversity of our team of solicitors and barristers’ means we are unique in being able to represent you through all stages of the criminal and Traffic Commissioner processes, from interview under caution through to an appeal to the Supreme Court: all of this expertise and experience is both nationally provided and 'under one roof'.

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