When Can I Use Child Care Proceedings Solicitors?

Child Care Proceedings Solicitors
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Child Care Proceedings Solicitors and Legal Aid

Sometimes, difficult or unusual home circumstances can mean that child care proceedings solicitors may be needed to make sure that your children can remain living with you. Here at Cartwright King, we understand that matters relating to children can be sensitive and need to be handled with care and understanding. We can help you to reach the best possible solution for your family. 

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What exactly are care proceedings? 

In the UK, social services function to support families with children, whilst also safeguarding them against any potential harm. In order for social services to feel that they need to remove a child from their family there needs to be very clear indicators that they are at risk of harm. 

Care proceedings is the term for the process that your local authority will enter into if they feel that they have a need to be concerned about the welfare of your child or children. A social worker will be able to apply for a ‘care order’. This would then mean that the local council is considered to hold parental responsibility for your child. Furthermore, they would then be able to choose where your child can live. 

If the council holds parental responsibility, they can also apply for a ‘placement order’ if they have good reason to believe that you child should be adopted, and they can therefore place the child with a suitable adoptive family. 

What are reasons that social services may become involved? 

There are a number of different scenarios in which social services may feel that they need to become involved in the care of a child. Some common situations that lead to social services becoming involve include: 

  • If there is suspected violence in the household that the child or children lives in. This could be between adults in the house, as well as directly against the child. 
  • If there is suspected sexual abuse that the child is subjected or witness to.  
  • If there is any suspicion of neglect, including not properly washing or feeding a child. 
  • If there is suspicion that a child is not receiving the correct education. 

Different people who are involved in the child’s life may feel the need to intervene. They may include: 

  • Another family member outside of the household
  •  A teacher who has become concerned about your child 
  • A nursery worker who has noticed anything concerning in relation to your child 
  • A GP who is concerned about the welfare of your child 

What is legal aid? 

If you have found yourself in a situation where it looks likely that your child is going to be taken into care and you feel that it is not for good reason, then our child care proceedings solicitors may be able to offer you legal aid. Legal aid is government aid that can help you to meet the costs of legal advice, family mediation and representation in a court or tribunal. You will need to prove that: 

  • Your case is eligible for legal aid 
  • The problem is serious 
  • You cannot afford to pay for legal costs 

If you are not eligible for legal aid, then we can offer you an initial paid consultation to assess your unique situation.

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