Asset Freezing Order – Case example

Legally reviewed by: Laura Smith In: Corporate & Financial Crime

CK has been instructed by a Burmese national who is studying for a medical degree in the UK. The case relates to an Asset Freezing Order (AFO) being obtained by a specialist police department in the UK. The police are concerned about the source of the funds that have been paid into our client’s bank account. This is part of UK wide operation conducted by the NCA earlier this year in relation to overseas student bank accounts. The belief is that the students have been targeted by organised crime groups to launder the proceeds of crime.

Sundeep Soor of CK heads up a nationwide team experienced in dealing with complex Proceeds of Crime Act cases and confirms:

“Account freezing orders are a civil power introduced as part of the Crime Finances Act 2017. Essentially the legislation takes the existing powers which allow for the seizure, detention, and forfeiture of cash and modifies those powers to cover the contents of a bank account. The orders are made ex parte (without notice). The first you will be made aware of the freeze is when you are served with the order or when you have difficulty accessing your account. Our client is a medical student soon to be qualified, this order has caused her and her family great anguish and upset. She had no access to any money to live on for weeks. Course fees are also due very soon. A lot of her time will now be spent working with us to convince the police that she is not connected to any money laundering.”

If you or your company are the victim of an Account or Asset Freezing Order our experienced team are available to defend your interests 24 hours a day, anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Sundeep Soor (Director) is the Head of corporate and financial crime at Cartwright King. Sundeep and his team are on hand across the country to help you and can assist wherever you are based. Please contact us here for an initial discussion.

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