Serious Fraud Case Dropped

Legally reviewed by: Laura Smith In: Corporate & Financial Crime

Senior Business Crime Solicitor John Speight represented a Defendant in the long running case of Operation Lithium which concluded at Sheffield Crown Court on the 7th November 2018 after an investigation and prosecution lasting five and a half years. The Prosecution in the case (CPS Serious Fraud Group Manchester) offered no evidence and a not guilty verdict was entered against the client.

The case was said to involve a conspiracy of thirteen named defendants and others to cheat the revenue of £26 million of vat and to take part in associated money laundering. The Prosecution maintained that they could not proceed as they were unable to comply with their disclosure obligations to the Defendants or the Court. It may have been of some significance that on behalf of his Defendant, John Speight deployed a detailed defence statement consisting of 56 pages and a 52 item schedule of detailed requests for disclosure from the Prosecution.

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