Cartwright King Keeps Things Going via Digital Link

Updated: Covid-19

Cartwright King advocates and solicitors are continuing to work in a way that ensures cases are moving forward despite Covid-19. Using technology to hear cases on either conference call or video link, the legal system is still progressing cases.

Cartwright King’s Advocates and Criminal Solicitors have been at the forefront of this;

This morning, Higher Court Advocate Emma Hodgson dealt with a case before the Court of Appeal in London even though most courts are closed.

The Appeal was to have been heard by video link between Derby Court and the Court of Appeal. When Derby Crown Court closed, the case proceeded by the three Appeal Court Judges and prosecutor linking with Emma’s home telephone to hear the case in her front room on the morning of March 24th 2020.

Emma was successful in getting the client’s sentence reduced by three years.

In another new development, the first remand hearing in Derby with a defendant in a Police Station was held.

Andy Cash, the Solicitor involved was able to secure bail for the Defendant, both private conference, and full hearing being concluded over a video link.

Inevitably the Government’s advice means that this sort of hearing will become more common and our advocates will ensure that our client’s rights are protected in this digital future.

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