Covid-19 and the Aftermath in Care Homes

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Alex Radley, Head of Regulatory Law at Cartwright King, has recorded the third of our Covid-19 webinar series, as he looks to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and what is likely to happen in the care sector.

We are all pulling together in communities across the UK but there is the potential for a reckoning in the future. With over 3,000 deaths recorded so far in care homes alone, the care sector particularly, must take measures to protect all concerned.

Care homes across the UK already adopt stringent measures to protect everyone in the care home setting whether employee, client or visitor but the outbreak of Covid-19 has been such that there will be many questions asked in its aftermath.

For care homes, as with other sectors, this could include reviews, investigations and even Public Inquiries. Care home management teams must assure themselves that all of the proper procedures and protocols have been followed and that this was documented.

Evidence of the standards of care provided by care homes could be the best protection against any claims made when this is all over. Alex Radley recommends ensuring that there is comprehensive evidence of decisions and practices.  The key forms are; documented evidence including  emails, letters, phone notes, case notes, medication charts, staffing rota’s, arrival and departure logs. Another important type of evidence is digital evidence which includes; CCTV, video or timed photography. All of these things will ultimately protect staff and residents alike.

Adhering to all guidelines offered by the Government and Regulators is another way to make sure the care home is protected and at this time, following procedures will make a huge difference.

Alex said: ‘When Government announces the lockdown has eased, care homes need to make sure they manage the change. Whatever strategies are decided upon, it would be recommended to record all the decisions made, reasoning for the decisions and how this was applied to the home setting. This will help care homes to provide evidence in the event of any later enquiry.’

The impact of this dreadful virus will not be known for some time but the protection of everyone in this climate is paramount.

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