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What Does The Coronavirus Act 2020 Mean For Me?


As part of our response to the Coronavirus outbreak we are recording a number of webinars to share on social media and our website showcasing our knowledge and expertise.

Daniel Simister, Head of Crime Solicitor at Cartwright King, has recorded the second of these webinars and answers the firm’s most frequently asked questions from its clients regarding Coronavirus.

Q: Can I go for a drive as long as I don’t exit the car?

A: Going for a drive does not fit with the ‘stay at home’ guidance. Please make sure that you are only leaving your home for essential travel. The NHS is already under extreme pressure.

Q: Can I volunteer to help?

A: The best way that you can help is by taking heed of the Government guidelines and staying at home. If you wish to help people in your area, make contact with your elderly and/or vulnerable neighbours – who you already know – and giving them your mobile number and letting them know you are there for help should they need it. This will reduce the chances of them accepting help from a stranger who may turn out to be an opportunist, confidence trickster or thief.

Q: Am I allowed to stop and sit for a few minutes during my allocated exercise time?

A: Going outside away from home to simply to sit or enjoy some fresh air would not be in the spirit of the rules. However, if you’re out for your one form of exercise and need to pause for a moment to catch your breath then this would be fine. You should then either continue with your exercise or make your way home if you are finished.

Q: What crimes will police no longer respond to? Will police stop arresting people?

A: There are no crime types that the police would no longer respond to and they will NOT stop arresting people. Each contact to the police for help will be risk assessed appropriately. If the police suspect you of committing an arrestable offence, they will continue to make arrests and take you into custody. There may be increased instances where they invite you to attend the police station for a voluntary interview at a later date, but by and large it is business as usual.

Q: What do I do if I am arrested for contravening the social distancing laws?

A: If this happens, you are likely to be taken to the police station where the police may well want to interview you. At the police station you should tell the police that you would like a solicitor and they are required to obtain your chosen solicitor or the duty solicitor. Cartwright King will always be available to deal with you case if you indicate your chosen solicitor as Cartwright King.

Q: Can I still have a solicitor at the police station?

A: Yes.  Your absolute right to a solicitor while at the police station or for any interview under caution has not changed.  We can provide that assistance 24 hours a day. In the first instance it will be by telephone and if required, we will attend the station for interview.

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