What to Do if You’re Accused of Sexual Assault?

What to Do if You’re Accused of Sexual Assault?
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Being accused of sexual assault can be highly distressing, impacting both you and your loved ones. Knowing what to do next can be overwhelming, particularly if the allegation lacks reliability. The specifics of a sexual assault claim can result in investigations into deeply personal and intricate details. In some cases, allegations can lead to further consequences that not only will affect you but also your family.  

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What to Do if You’re Accused of Sexual Assault?

There is no set timeframe for when someone can come forward and make an allegation for sexual assault. In most cases allegations come shortly after the alleged incident. However, some allegations stems come much later after a period of contemplation. In some cases, it can be years before an allegation is made. These allegations are categorised as historical sexual offenses. Regardless of when the offense is claimed to have occurred, once law enforcement becomes aware of the allegation, they are obligated to treat it seriously. This means enforcement will investigate the alleged offender.

Upon receiving an allegation, the police aim to gather evidence related to the offense. Commonly, this involves conducting a video interview with the accuser. Where the alleged assault was recent, physical samples may also be collected. It’s crucial that once you are made aware of the allegation, you do not contact the accuser.

Questioned By the Police

In some instances, if you have been accused of sexual assault, the police might approach you voluntarily for questioning. If this happens, your initial step should be to get in contact with a criminal defence solicitor. Our solicitors can:

  • liaise with the police.
  • set up a suitable interview time.
  • ensure that your rights are protected.

 If an arrest is made, you have the right to legal representation during questioning at the police station. We strongly advise not to undergo an interview without a solicitor present.

Cartwright King has a team of expert criminal defence solicitors who represent individuals facing sexual assault accusations.

Cartwright King is a high-calibre, criminal defence law firm. 70% of our cases involve defending against criminal charges. Our reputation is built on successfully clearing people accused of criminal activity. We’re trusted, resourceful and calm under pressure, giving you defence counsel that you can count on. 

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all our clients. If you’re dealing with a sexual offense allegation, reach out to us for a consultation on how we can provide assistance. Remember, all advice offered at the police station is both free and confidential.

How a Criminal Defence Solicitor Can Help?

A criminal defence solicitor can navigate interactions with law enforcement and relevant agencies in cases of a sexual offense allegation. The criminal defence solicitor can establish communication channels with the officer handling the case and acquire the details of the accuser’s account. Once this information is gathered, the solicitor will communicate it to you, ensuring you’re informed about the nature of the allegation before any interview takes place. By seeking legal representation, you gain the advantage of receiving disclosure, preventing unexpected surprises during the interview process. This is not guaranteed if you choose to be interviewed without representation.

Given the seriousness of the accusation, a comprehensive investigation will be conducted by the police, covering all aspects of the allegation. This thorough process might result in a considerable time lapse before a resolution.

Child Care Solicitors if You Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault

If you have children or share a household with a partner who has children, Social Services will be notified by the police. Once the police are involved in the allegation, social services will want to talk with you and your family. These conversations occur outside the police station. With our expert child care solicitors, we can help address any issues that emerge concerning the well-being of the children.

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