Cartwright King Employment Lawyer Talks Sexual Harassment

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Employment Lawyer at national law firm Cartwright King, Deborah Scales is giving a talk at Nottingham Law Society, on Wed 25 March, around employment law and sexual harassment following the #MeToo movement.

A topic that has a robust amount of feeling behind it, it surprises many that there are still problems within the workplace in the 21st century, but sadly this is true. The #MeToo movement has highlighted sexual harassment in many different industries, focussing the world’s attention on this age old problem. This action promoted Parliament’s Women’s and Equality Committee to look at gagging orders in non-disclosure agreements.

The momentum in the media has fluctuated since, but following high profile court cases in the last few weeks, sexual harassment in the workplace is again in the spotlight, as women fight for the right to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

On-going training and development is paramount to ensure that businesses and individuals are not liable in the event of wording or actions amounting to unlawful discrimination.

As companies look to protect themselves and employees, there are also areas of legislation that may be updated or changed as society navigates through the modern world and its evolution.

Deborah will be giving information on what is new and what has faced modification law wise regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

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