Employment Law Advice For Employers

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As an employer, you legally have to look after your staff. Failing to meet this obligation can damage your business’s reputation. The weight of this responsibility can be difficult to bear, but seeking assistance from employment law solicitors can help you avoid costly and time-consuming tribunals or court hearings.

Who Is Affected By Employment Law

Employment law protects employees and employers from exploitation. It defines the expectations and rights of each party, outlining their legal obligations to maintain a beneficial working relationship. It also dictates what employers can ask of their employees and establishes the responsibilities that set up great work environments.

How Can Specialist Solicitors Help?

As an employer, you may understand some of the employment legislation which is relevant to your business. However, the vast nature of legislation means that it is easy to overlook particular clauses, which could cost time and money. 

By reaching out to an employment law solicitor, you benefit from an excellent bank of legal knowledge. This expertise ensures that your business complies with UK law and prepares it for any violation claims. 

Employment law solicitors help you understand your duties as an employer, enabling you to sustain a happy, productive and motivated workforce. Their experience backs up their advice and support so they can assist with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Creating company handbooks
  • Implementing disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • HR consultancy and training
  • Advice on Settlement Agreements
  • Guidance on avoiding discrimination in the workplace
  • Employment Tribunal representation
  • Advice on business restructuring
  • Guidance on redundancy procedures 
  • Defence against unfair dismissal claims 

Getting legal advice on these issues has multiple benefits for your business and helps you understand how to abide by UK regulations.  

The Benefits Of Employment Law Advice

As employment law is in place to protect employers and employees, understanding it is beneficial for both parties. An employment law solicitor provides advice required to create an environment for employees to thrive, boosting their morale and your business. This encouragement will form lasting relationships between you and your employees, saving you money on recruitment.

This positive relationship will help boost your business’s internal and external reputation and is crucial to future recruitment and employee retention. It is also key to maintaining relationships with existing clients and securing new ones. 

Employment law advice will also prevent and deal with tribunal disputes. These carry a stressful, emotional burden as well as a financial impact. Specialist advice ensures your business acts lawfully and can defend against claims against you.

How To Get Legal Advice

There is no substitute for speaking to a specialist employment law solicitor to get clear guidance and give you an idea of how best to protect your business. 

After contacting them about your problem, the solicitor will schedule an initial confidential discussion. This meeting gives them the opportunity to:

  • Get to know you and your business, its operations and staffing
  • Understand your situation and problem
  • Agree on how you want to proceed

It is unusual to receive any legal advice during this initial meeting. The solicitor will organise further discussions to break down the issues you are facing and the relevant legislation. This information gives you an accurate picture of the situation and where both parties stand so you can identify the next steps required to resolve the issue.

Our Specialist Solicitors 

Cartwright King gives you complete legal coverage to ensure you comply with UK law. Our ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach helps to stop issues from arising, avoiding costly proceedings and reputational damage and maintaining staff morale. 

Whether you are looking for advice on UK family law and child care, immigration, corporate crimes, health, driving offences or regulatory law, working with a specialist Cartwright King solicitor ensures you have support when you need it most. 

With the breadth of experience of our solicitors, we are well-equipped to tackle all manners of disputes. We listen, understand and genuinely care about protecting integrity. That’s why we can offer sound, honest, reliable advice and support to prepare for anything when it comes to legal issues. As a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top-tier law firm, you can come to us for dependable, expert advice. Contact us today.

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