What is HR Legal Support?

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Employment law evolves constantly, creating a confusing web of legislation. Consequently, protecting your organisation against liability is often a legal minefield. To help you find your way, HR legal support will ensure your business is abiding by government requirements. 

By reaching out to a team of solicitors, you can discover solutions to Employment & HR issues and deal with any Employment Tribunal claims.

Why HR Legal Support is Important

Without the appropriate understanding of and abidance to employment law, your company’s actions are liable to legal action. Certain situations, such as bringing an employment relationship to an end, can be a traumatic experience for both employers and employees. But where ending those relationships has become necessary, HR legal advice reduces the potential for disputes to arise by minimising the damage to the relationship. This mitigation saves you money and effort.

The possibility of reputational damage to your business can have huge knock-on effects on profits and client relationships. Employment lawyers work with you to develop an effective strategy to protect your reputation. Having accurate support covers your organisation and its actions from legal pitfalls, saving you from lawsuits made against you and compensation demands.

The Process

Most HR support schemes provide advice delivered by a team of qualified solicitors. These teams will give you commercially focused support, although this support will vary from firm to firm. 

It is common to receive a dedicated solicitor to provide day-to-day HR support and advice for your organisation; practical letters, policies and guidance notes; relevant training sessions; and, access to employment articles.

The firm will likely set up a confidential consultancy discussion to:

  • Get to know you, your company and your staff
  • Understand your situation and needs
  • Agree how you want to proceed

By building a long-term relationship with a law firm and its solicitors, you will develop essential knowledge of each other and your objectives. This familiarity means you can tailor your approach and services to meet your needs, streamlining the process. So make sure you choose a firm that shares your values and will represent you accordingly.

How Much Does HR Legal Support Cost?

Law firms charge clients by the hour so your bill will depend on the amount of service you require and your HR legal support package will likely be bespoke and tailored to your needs. Charities and education providers may be eligible for discounts at certain firms. 

Business Legal Advice Services

Due to the large-scale nature of employment law, you’re likely to have multiple HR issues which require legal attention. An experienced team of solicitors can help you:

  • Train managers on employment procedures and legal issues
  • Defend Employment Tribunal litigation
  • Plan for and conduct a TUPE process
  • Understand and apply up-to-date employment legislation
  • Restructure your organisation including any changes to terms and conditions
  • Manage equality and diversity
  • Data protection
  • Restrict former staff from soliciting valuable employees and customers
  • Draft contracts and policies
  • Conduct disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Attract and recruit the best candidates
  • Manage any relationship with trade unions and negotiate recognition agreements.
  • Perform collective redundancy consultations.

In addition, they may be able to refer you to an HR Consultant should you require extended support. 

Each firm will have its own scheme and policy.

Benefits of HR Legal Support

HR legal support, when properly integrated with strategic advice and training programmes, benefits your company in the following ways:

  • Reduced risk of disputes with your people
  • Increased profits through improved performance and productivity by your people
  • Reduced risk of departing employees damaging the organisation’s reputation
  • Relieving the pressure on your people so they can focus on producing value

Ultimately, legal support alleviates the pressure of conforming to employment regulations, ensuring the happiness of yourself and your staff. 

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We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about protecting your organisation and people. That’s why we offer sound, honest, reliable legal advice to ensure you’re prepared for any issues.

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