Divorce Without Legal Advice. Why We Don’t Recommend It

Legally reviewed by: Shakeela Bi In: Family

For marital issues – take the sensible route and get legal advice

Following recent stories in the press around divorce and services available without gaining proper legal advice, our family law specialists have voiced their concerns.

From a legal standpoint a lack of qualified guidance is not something that we would recommend. When people are experiencing separation or marital difficulties detailed and accurate legal advice is essential. It is this advice and the support that comes with it that allows couples to make informed decisions as to how they would like to conclude matters.

Legal advice must always be specific to the individual and their circumstances to make sure that it will meet the needs of the client and also the needs of any minors in their care. As such each party involved in a family law case will need to source their own independent legal advice to make sure their needs and requirements are met in any divorce or separation agreement.

Family law solicitors are expected to conduct themselves and their matters with conciliation in mind to try to secure an amicable outcome that allows parties to move forward with dignity and on the pathway to a positive future, especially if there are children.

Head of Cartwright King’s family law team in Birmingham, Karen Brennan, said: ‘We always recommend that anyone who is looking at divorce or separation speaks to a family solicitor. There are many pitfalls and problems that can occur, so speaking to a legal professional will save you time, money and ensure that you exit the relationship with a favourable resolution.’

If you are experiencing marital issues, and are looking for some advice on what to do, contact Cartwright King’s team of specialists here.

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