How Much Does a UK Divorce Cost?

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UK Divorce Cost

Many factors can alter a UK divorce cost, such as the route you choose and the complexity of the case. However, there is a standard court fee which costs £593. This cost processes the divorce application.

In most cases, the cost of a divorce is roughly in the region of £750 plus VAT on top of the court fees.

The cost will increase if the divorce is contested if there are financial or child arrangements to resolve, the solicitors you use and if additional court proceedings are required.

All divorces are different, so to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of your divorce, we recommend speaking to one of our divorce lawyers.

What Changes the UK Divorce Cost?

There are several factors which can change how much a UK divorce will cost. These are:

  • If your divorce is contested or uncontested
  • The complexity of your estate or family arrangements. For example, if you have children, then who gets custody
  • Whether you get profile legal advice or not

How Much Does a Financial Settlement Cost?

It’s recommended to approach the financial aspect of your case on the basis that you and your former partner will each meet your own costs.

When negotiating a financial settlement, it is more difficult to be precise about the UK divorce cost. Our solicitors can help provide you with a cost estimate before you begin the process of reaching a financial settlement.

Even if you and your former partner have a pre-nuptial agreement on how your assets will be divided, this is not legally binding unless the court approves a consent order.

If the assets are not large, and you and your former partner have agreed on how the assets are divided, then you may be able to get a solicitor to draw up a clean break consent order. This will prevent either party from claiming against the other in the future.

The document needs to be prepared carefully and approved by the court. The legal fees for this can range from around £1250 to £2500.

Financial Disclosure

If there is a dispute, achieving a financial settlement could require more work. Therefore, you will likely need to go through a disclosure exercise to divide the assets. Depending on the complexity of the assets this can be either a straightforward or a difficult process.

Usually, the more complex the family finances, the higher the cost to reach a settlement.

Additionally, you may be required to obtain independent expert advice concerning the value of your property. Most cases are resolved by negotiation, mediated through a solicitor. This will come with a fee that is usually met by each party, who pays half each. Most of these cases are resolved by negotiation once mutual financial disclosure has happened.

Once a comprehensive settlement is reached this may be set out in a draft Consent Order and sent to the court for approval.

If no agreement can be reached, the court decides who gets what. If a case goes all the way to a final hearing, it is likely that the legal fees will be over £20,000, making your UK cost of divorce more expensive. Therefore, it is important to think about cost-benefit analysis, for example, it is not worth the time and effort fighting for an asset worth less than the cost of legal fees.

How Much Does a Child Arrangements Divorce Case Cost?

How much a child arrangement dispute costs can vary.

If the case ends up in court, it is likely to cost several thousand pounds. This is considerably more if the case goes all the way to the final hearing. Additionally, there may be barrister’s fees to pay.

The best approach, where possible, is to keep things amicable and consider court proceedings as a last resort.

Family mediations, collaborative law or a round-table meeting with respective lawyers can help with your child arrangement agreement.

The general rule is that each party will pay their own legal costs during a divorce. The person applying for a divorce (the sole applicant) is responsible for the court fees which are currently £593 and any other fees. However, if the application is joint, then applicant 1 will pay the court fee.

If you and your partner agree, you can share the divorce costs. This is easier to do when either you or your partner agree to appoint just one solicitor, therefore the legal costs are shared.

The application or joint applicant can ask the court to order that the other party pays their legal costs relating to the divorce or request that the costs be divided equally, or just the court fee is shared.

It is important to make a separate application to the court to ask for this. Because of this, they are not often requested.

In some cases, the defendant may not pay their court costs. As a result, this can cause delays which increase costs. To avoid this happening, it is recommended that both parties reach an agreement regarding the cost of divorce before the application is sent to the court.

Controlling Your UK Divorce Cost

Before you start your divorce, it’s recommended that you speak to an expert family law solicitor to discuss the cost of a divorce. When speaking to your solicitor, they should make you aware of any additional costs such as court fees and disbursements.

It’s important to give your solicitor clear instructions about what you want to achieve as changing your mind can cause time delays which mean more cost.

Your solicitor will also help you to consider all options to resolve a dispute such as family mediation services.

Why Get a UK Divorce Lawyer?

When it comes to important matters such as a divorce, it is always a good idea to get legal advice from an expert divorce lawyer. Cartwright King’s family law team can help you explore your different options to get the best results.

There are lots of elements in a divorce that can make the process more complicated. Therefore, getting legal help can make the process easier for you with situations such as:

  • If there is a financial imbalance between yourself and your former partner
  • If you are financially dependent on your former partner
  • Any children you have parental responsibility for who is financially dependent on you
  • Career earnings or sacrifices for your relationship or family

If your relationship has broken down, we can help you with the process of getting a divorce. Here at Cartwright King, we can offer you the best possible legal advice to guide you through all the decisions that you will need to make for yourself and your family.

For a consultation about your divorce, call the experienced divorce lawyers at Cartwright King on 03458 941 622.

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