Online Divorce – Worth the paper it’s written on?

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Going through a divorce has generally been a time consuming exercise, which adds considerable stress to both parties. However, Family lawyers are now being given an option of completing applications online in an attempt to expedite the process.

Our specialist Family lawyers at Cartwright King are using this process to ensure a swifter resolution is offered to their clients in comparison to traditional paper filing methods.

On average a divorce in England and Wales can take around six to nine months to complete, depending on whether the divorce itself has been contested. Increasingly the backlogs in the court service add further delay to this paper process.

In adapting practice to online applications, Cartwright King solicitors have found that reaching the final stage in the divorce process, Decree Absolute,  can be complete in as little as three months. If there is a contest to the divorce or the respondent takes time to engage, the timeline will be increased but even so the on line system still provides a far speedier service.

For many, a rapid conclusion is desirable. The fast issue of a divorce petition  as supported by the on line system also enables parties to seek court assistance in any financial matters in which there may be dispute, thereby saving further time and potentially costs.

Whilst paper based applications are still permissible and, for many, remain the standard means of issuing divorce proceedings individuals may be wise to consider the alternative that the on line system presents.

Head of the Team Karen Brennan has commented, “Divorce is a matter that carries high levels of emotion and in some cases distress. Delay within the legal process only serves to heighten this. The Family team at Cartwright King are all experts in this field and committed to their clients. We are constantly looking for creative means by which we can support our clients reach a successful conclusion as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. The use of the online divorce service is certainly one way in which we can deliver”.

Cartwright King has lawyers in most areas of law, and the current information we are sharing is written by Head of Family Karen Brennan and Family lawyer Mark Ward of Cartwright King.

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