What is a Clean Break Order in Divorce?

What is a Clean Break Order?
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Should I get a Clean Break Order in my Divorce?

A clean break order may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, but it can often be an important safety net further down the line. We can help you clearly separate your finances from your previous spouses’ and start along your own new path.

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What is a Clean Break Order?

You might be wondering, what is a clean break order? Such an order is a voluntary agreement that is entered into by a divorcing couple. In it, they agree that all mutual financial affairs are completely severed. This means that there is no further possibility of either party later being able to claim money from the other.

Paying the legal fees to have this carried out may seem unnecessary if you and your previous spouse are parting on good terms, but it is difficult to know what may come in the future, and so it is in both of your best interests to agree to sign this agreement together.

What Could Happen if I Don’t Get a Clean Break Order?

There have been several extreme cases in the news of instances where a clean break order would have been a major benefit to unfortunate individuals. The most high-profile case involved lottery winner Nigel Page. Mr Page won £56 million in February 2010 but was then later sued by his former partner for £2 million. Despite the fact that they had separated 10 years prior to his win, their failure to sign a clean break order resulted in his ex-wife being able to claim a sizeable sum from him. They eventually settled the matter outside of court, although it was reported that she had previously been trying to claim £8 million.

In another similar case, the multi-millionaire businessman Dale Vince was taken to court by his ex-wife more than 30 years after their marriage broke down. Whilst they had married in 1981 and divorced 11 years later, his previous partner Kathleen Wyatt was able to win the right to seek payments from Vince due to their lack of a clean break order. She ultimately was able to claim £300,000 from her ex-husband because of this legal loophole.

How We Can Help You get a Clean Break Order?

Here at Cartwright King, we have a wide variety of experience with family law matters and are well-equipped to help you with all the elements of your divorce. If you are wondering, what is a clean break order, then get in touch. We can explain to you how the process works and how you could benefit.

This can include other matters such as:

We can also assist in any of these matters in relation to your civil partnership, and if you are looking to dissolve that civil partnership.

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We understand that you will want to be moving on with your life as soon as possible. With a great team of family law experts who understand the complexities of the divorce process, we will be able to support you through any element of getting a divorce. Obtaining a clean break order can be dealt with swiftly and smoothly.

In addition to dealing with your family law matters, we can help you with writing your Will and setting up Power of Attorney, so all your matters are dealt with in one place.

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