Apply for a UK visa in Malaysia

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The first step toward making an entry clearance visa application is to be sure what type if visa you need. Some categories can be complex and you may need to consult a solicitor.

Once you know what visa is required, you will need to make an online application. This can be done on the Visa4UK website. You will need to register first, choose your location as Malaysia and then proceed through a lot of questions. You will need the answers to all the questions and will not be able to proceed without entering the information to each question.

At the end it will request you to make an appointment at the embassy most local to where you live. If there is more than one Embassy in Malaysia, then you will be given a choice to choose the one most local.

Following the appointment making process, you will be required to pay the entry clearance application visa for your category of visa. The online process will tell you how much it is in your local currency. These fees can be very expensive, so it is vital that your application is supported with the necessary supporting documents in particular where particular types of documents are is specified in the rules.

Once you have paid the fee, you need to print of the whole application form and prepare all your supporting documents, which would all need to be submitted together on the day of your appointment. You will also be required to provide your biometric details at the appointment. This means having finger prints and a passport photo taken to verify against the passport photos that is part of your application.

The UK authorities plan to abolish all appeal rights for entry clearance cases soon, so it is vital you make your application as accurate and strong as possible to avoid having to make repeat and costly applications.

If you need any assistance with making an application, then please do not hesitate to contact our team of Immigration Solicitors. We can help even if you live abroad, by preparing the application from here in the UK.

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