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Family Reunion
Legally reviewed by: Nisha Leel In: Immigration

If you are a refugee or have humanitarian protection in the UK then an application can be made for certain members of your family to join you in the UK from your home country, under the family reunion rules.

An application will need to be made at the British Embassy in the Applicant’s country of origin. For most countries, apart from North Korea and Cuba, the application must be made online. Immediately after submitting the online application, you will be given the opportunity to make an appointment for your family to attend a British Embassy or Visa Application Centre closest to them where they must submit their documents and biometrics.

Family reunion applications can also be made in-country and should be made by using form FLR (O), sent to the Case Owner who processed the sponsor’s asylum application and granted leave.

If you have any queries about family reunion applications then please contact a member of our immigration department.

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