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British Citizenship Fees 2022

British Citizen Fees

British Citizenship Fees and Applications as of February 2022

All British citizenship fees must be paid in full at the time that you send your application to the home office.

When You Pay Your British Citizenship Fees

If you do not pay these fees at the time of your application your application will be regarded as invalid and you will be charged a £25 administration fee.

Fees should be paid by cheque or credit card, as you are discouraged to pay with cash.

Starting your British Citizenship Application

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Are British Citizenship Fees Refundable?

The total fee you must pay for your British citizenship application is made up of two separate elements.

The first element of the fee is the fee for handling and processing your application. This part is never refundable, even if you withdrew your application or if you were rejected your citizenship.

The second element of the fee is the citizen ceremony fee and is paid by applicants who must attend a citizenship ceremony.

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British Citizenship Fees List

These British Citizenship fees are in effect since the 29th of March 2019.

Adults applying for British Citizenship – fees

Service nameOur price
Application for right of abode:£372

British Citizenship fees for overseas territories

Service nameOur price
Naturalisation as a British overseas territory citizen:£1,000
Registering as a British overseas territory citizen:£901

Children applying for British Citizenship – Fees

Service nameOur price
Child application for British Citizenship:£1,012
Child registration as a British overseas territory citizen:£810

If the child turns 18 during the application process they should pay an additional £80.

Other fees related to the British Citizen application

Service nameOur price
Duplication of certificate:£250
Confirmation of status as a British Citizen:£250
Reconsideration of an application for naturalisation:£372
Reconsideration of an application for registration:£372
Correction to Nationality certificate:£250

Increases to British Citizenship Fees

Each year all immigration fees are reviewed and amended to what is considered in line with inflation and fees for British citizenship applications have risen significantly since 2011. The new prices will then be published by the Home Office before they come into effect.

When Can You Apply for British Citizenship?

You can apply for British citizenship if you have been living in the UK for five or more years and you have had indefinite leave to remain for at least the last 12 months or you are from the EEA and you had permanent residence status for the last 12 months.

You may also be eligible if you are the spouse or partner of a British citizen and you have been living in the UK for the last three years either on indefinite leave to remain or a permanent residence document if you are from the EEA.

Lastly, you may also be eligible to apply for British citizenship if you:

  • Have a British parent, or British parents
  • You have another type of British nationality
  • You are currently stateless
  • You have previously renounced your UK citizenship

EU Citizens Applying for British Citizenship

In the wake of the Brexit vote, the number of EU citizens living in the UK has risen sharply.

With ongoing uncertainty over a final Brexit settlement and agreement on European citizens living in the UK applying for citizenship has become an attractive option for many.

In general, if you are a national of the EEA and you have been a resident in the UK for a period of six years you may be eligible for British citizenship.

In addition to your residence in the UK for the six-year period you must also have held a permanent residence status for at least 12 months prior to your British citizenship application.

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Naturalisation or Registration for British Citizenship

There are different ways you can become a British citizen. You can become a British citizen either by naturalisation or registration.

Application for Naturalisation

You would generally go through the naturalisation route after you resided in the UK for the minimum qualifying period of five years and you have already attained indefinite leave to remain at least one year ago.

During the qualifying period of five years you must not have left the country for more than 450 days during that period. You must furthermore not have left the UK for more than 90 days in the 12-month period before your application while you were in the UK under indefinite leave to remain.

Registration as a British Citizen

You can apply to be registered as a British citizen if you were born on or after the 1st of January 1983 and your parents were not British or settled in the UK, after one or both your parents have permanently settled in the UK.

Applying for British Citizenship with Cartwright King Solicitors

The process of applying for British citizenship is complicated, lengthy and expensive.

Becoming a British citizen is undoubtedly an incredibly important achievement in your life, so taking all necessary steps correctly to ensure the application process goes smoothly and the outcome is in your favour is crucial.

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How Our Immigration Solicitors Can Help

Expert immigration solicitors in Birmingham can help you achieve the best chance at a successful outcome. They ensure there are no administrative errors in your application, that you have provided all the evidence required, that you match all the eligibility requirements, and that you follow the correct procedures throughout your application process.

When any complications arise during the application process, you do not meet all the eligibility requirements or you do not have the evidence required, they can provide you with solid advice and guidance on how to proceed with your application.

How we have Supported Previous Clients

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