Can I bring my Filipina wife to the UK?

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You can bring your Filipina wife to the UK by making an entry clearance application as a spouse or an unmarried partner if you are not legally married but have lived together for 2 years in a relationship akin to marriage.

The application must be made online, and you will be required to book a biometrics appointment with VFS Global (partner of UKVI) following the submission of the online application, to satisfy the very strict requirements of the immigration rules. You may opt to self-upload supporting documents for free prior to the biometrics appointment or pay an additional fee for a scanning service during the appointment.

It is very important to provide all the specified documents in particular since the Immigration Act of 2014 abolishes all appeal rights for this type of application, save for a breach of human rights if applicable. Any request for reconsideration will not take note of any documents that was not submitted with the initial application, and you will be required to make a new application by paying another fee.

The rules require you to prove:

● suitability of the applicant
● not being closely related
● having met
● you are in a genuine and subsisting marriage or civil partnership or lived together for two years
● you are free to marry
● you intend to live together permanently
● you meet the financial requirement
● adequate accommodation in terms of the Housing Act of 1985
● proof of passing the English Language test at level A1 of the CEFR for Languages
● proof of negative TB test also required for Filipina nationals

If you are an EEA or Swiss national, have refugee status or humanitarian protection, then different requirements apply.

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Frequently asked questions.

How to Prove Our Relationship Is Genuine?

Some people are concerned about the fact that during the application process, they need to prove that their relationship with a partner is genuine. The concern can be because of many different reasons – maybe the couple hasn’t been engaged for long before they got married, or maybe they’ve only seen each very little before the marriage because of the distance.

No matter which one applies to you, our advice is to focus on the quality instead of the number of documents you submit.

There are a few ways in which you can prove the genuineness of your relationship, including:

  • A letter that provides a timeline of who you are, how you and your spouse met, the development of your relationship and a statement that it is your intention to live together in the UK.
  • Marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate or a local equivalent.
  • Statements from your friends and family – used more as contributory evidence rather than prime evidence
  • Travel itineraries and hotel bookings – documentary evidence of any trips you might have taken together, including tickets, Airbnb bookings stamps in your passports and so on.
  • A selection of photos that can cover the chronology of your relationship – however, selfies might not be enough. If you have photos from some holidays or life events, such as graduation or weddings, include them – it’s important that there are other people in the photos.
  • Evidence of communications e.g. Whatsapp messages, emails, calls logs etc
  • Evidence of financial support e.g. money transfer receipts.

What Is the Financial Requirement for Bringing My Filipino Wife to the UK?

If you want to bring your Filipino spouse to the UK, you need to meet a financial requirement. In order to do that, you need to prove your annual income/s – the amount you need to earn changes depending on who you are trying to bring to the UK.

If it’s only your spouse, then the minimal annual income is £18,600 before tax. If your partner is bringing their children, and they are not British, you have to add £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for all the others. If the children are British, or they have an indefinite leave to remain in the UK, there’s no additional cost.

Here’s an example. If you want to bring your Filipino wife and four children, of whom none is a British citizen, then your minimum annual income has to be £29,600. On the other hand, if you want to bring your Filipino spouse and three children who have British citizenship, the minimal annual income is still £18,600.

Another way of meeting the financial requirement is having enough savings in your bank account – in this case, £62,500, which have been maintained for at least the last 6 months or more. However, you need to be aware that if you want to bring non-British children as well, the amount of required savings will be higher.

What Happens After the Visa Is Granted?

Once the visa is granted, your spouse will be able to work and live in the UK for the next two and a half years. After that time period, they’ll be allowed to apply for an extension of their stay in the UK for another two and a half years. After living in the UK for five years, they’ll be able to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). During this time, your spouse will be able to freely leave the UK and re-enter the country as many times as they want.

What to Do When I Want to Bring My Filipino Partner to the UK, But We Are Not Married?

If you and your partner are engaged, then you will need to apply for a fiance visa. The requirements are almost the same as for the spouse visa, the only difference is that once your partner arrives in the UK, you should get married within 6 months. The visa will be initially valid for 6 months. After the wedding, your partner will be able to apply to switch the fiance visa to a spouse visa, which will be valid for 30 months.

If you aren’t engaged nor married, you can apply for an unmarried partner visa, which has the same requirements as a spouse visa. The unmarried partner visa will be valid for 33 months, after which it can be extended for another 30 months.

In both cases, after 5 years of living in the UK, your spouse or partner will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

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