Can I bring my sister to the UK?

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The type of application will depend on the age of the applicant.

Older than 18 years:

If the applicant, your sister, is 18 years or older, then an application as a dependant relative must be made.

There are very stringent relationship and financial requirements that must be met.

1. Relationship requirements: 

In essence, the applicant must be 18 or over, a parent, grandparent, sibling or child over 18 and must as a result of age, illness or disability   require long term personal care to perform every day tasks and must be unable to, even with practical and financial help of the sponsor, obtain the required level of care in the country where she lives because either it is not available or it is not affordable.

2. Financial Requirements:

You will also have to prove that you are able to provide for your sister financially by maintaining her and accommodating her and provide for her care without recourse to public funds. In addition to providing this proof, you will need to sign an undertaking to confirm and agree that any public funds that may be paid towards the applicant for  a period of 5 years from entry or for the full period of her leave less than 5 years, can be claimed back from you.

Younger than 18 years:

You can apply for your sister if she is younger than 18 year sold if there are serious and other compelling family or other  considerations which would make exclusion undesirable and if suitable arrangements for her care has been made.

You will again have to prove that you can adequately maintain and accommodate her but do not have to sign the same undertaking due to her minor age.

Adequate maintenance normally means earning at least the same or more than a person in your circumstances would earn on Income Support plus your accommodation cost.

Both these applications can be complex and carry huge UKBA/ECO fees. It may be advisable to get legal advice before hand. Please contact our specialist team who can help you.

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