Can International Students Study Part Time in the UK?

Can International Students Study Part-Time in UK
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Studying in the UK: Can International Students Study Part Time in the UK?

If you are wondering; ‘can international students study part time in the UK’ then read on.

Generally, international students can’t study part-time in the UK. However, there are definite benefits to studying on a full-time basis that you may not be aware of.

If you are wondering if you, as an international student can study part time in the UK, then get in touch. A chat with one of our immigration solicitors can help you understand how living and studying in the UK can best work for you. 

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What is a Standard Tier 4 Visa?

If you are a student hoping to come to the UK to study an undergraduate or equivalent course, international students unfortunately can’t study part-time in the UK.

However, the benefit to a tier 4 study visa is that despite some minor restrictions, you are allowed to undertake most paid work in the UK. This is a huge advantage as it can help you to pay for some of your expenses while you are studying here.

What are UK Study Visa Requirements?

Now you understand the answer to ‘Can international students study part-time in the UK’ let’s look at the requirements for a full-time student visa. To study full-time in the UK, a tier 4 study visa is issued under the requirements that you:

  • Have been offered an unconditional place on a course with a licensed Tier 4 sponsor
  • Can speak, read, write, and understand English to an acceptable level
  • Have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course – this amount will vary depending on your circumstances
  • Are from a country outside of the the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland

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What is a UK Postgraduate Study Visa?

In very specialised cases, a new pilot scheme can be offered to some international students wanting to take a postgraduate course, and who are wishing to study on a part-time basis.

Compared to the standard Tier 4 Study Visa, this pilot scheme has a simplified application process. You will no longer be required to submit:

  • Financial evidence
  • Academic qualification
  • English language qualification (SELT)
  • Confirmation that you have successfully completed your previous UK course.

In addition to this simplified process, a major advantage is that you are also entitled to a longer stay in the UK. The date on which your visa expires will be calculated by adding 6 months to the end of your course date that is stated on your CAS. This is to allow applicants the opportunity to look for work in the UK. If you are successful in finding work, you can then apply to change to a tier 2 work visa to live and work in the UK after your studies.

This extra 6-month period is still included in the standard 5 to 6 year study cap, so you might not be able to take full advantage if it takes your time in the UK past this limit. It is also worth knowing that if the additional 6 months takes the total duration of your visa to more than 18 months, then you will be expected to pay the immigration health surcharge for 2 years.

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Are you eligible for the UK Postgraduate Study Visa pilot?

If the postgraduate degree you want to apply for would last for a total of 13 months or less, you may be eligible for this specialised visa.

You can apply for this visa from overseas (entry clearance), or also if you are in the UK and have successfully completed a previous course.

Can International Students Study Part Time in UK? Our Help and Support

If you’ve decided to study full-time and need help applying for your standard Tier 4, or want to discuss the possibility of this new specialist pilot visa, we can guide you through every step of the process.

With an easy visa application, we can take the stress away and leave you with more time to focus on your important studies. Get in touch today for a chat about how we can best help you begin your future.

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