Fines Tripled for Supporting Illegal Migrants

Fines Tripled for Supporting Illegal Migrants
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On Monday 7th August 2023, the Home Office announced increases in the civil penalties for illegal working. Fines have more than tripled in the UK for employers that are found to be employing illegal migrant workers or allowing illegal migrants to rent their properties.

Fines to Be Tripled for Supporting Illegal Migrants

In a recent government announcement, authorities have unveiled a significant policy revision targeting the facilitation of illegal immigration. Effective at the start of 2024, the fines for individuals and organisations found to be supporting illegal migrants will undergo a substantial increase, marking a pivotal change in the existing regulatory framework. Prior to this amendment, fines for such activities could be up to £20,000 per illegal worker. However, under the new policy fines can be up to £60,000 per worker.

For landlords prior to the amendment, fines would be up to £500 per lodger and £3,000 per occupier. The new fines increase up to £10,000 per lodger and £20,000 per occupier.

This policy overhaul is in line with the government’s commitment to fortify immigration enforcement measures. The policy aims to act as a deterrent against actions that assist illegal migration within the country.

Ensuring Compliance

Employers can secure a ‘statutory excuse’ against civil penalties associated with illegal workers by diligently conducting ‘Right to Work’ checks in accordance with Home Office guidelines and retaining documented evidence of these checks. If a business faces accusations that an employee does not possess the legal right work, an employer can utilise a ‘Right to Work’ check as a defence against fines.This proactive approach not only safeguards the employer but also ensures that the workforce remains in full compliance with immigration laws.

Business Support From Cartwright King

At Cartwright King, we offer comprehensive support for businesses in all matters related to ‘Right to Work,’ including:

  • Personalised Guidance and Training: Our solicitors can provide in-depth, customised guidance and training sessions to our clients. This includes:
    – instructions on how to carry out ‘Right to Work’ checks effectively,
    – the critical importance of accurate checks,
    – the potential consequences associated with illegal employment.
  • Thorough Audits: Our team conducts comprehensive audits of our clients’ employee files and record-keeping systems. These audits help us review the evidence related to ‘Right to Work’ compliance and offer recommendations for best practices in conducting checks and retaining records moving forward.

For further information or advice on any business immigration matters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our experienced Immigration team.

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