How do I extend my UK student Visa?

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If you have been studying in the UK on a Tier 4 (general) student visa and wish to further your studies then you may need to apply for a student visa extension.

Before making your application you will need to check that your last visa was granted in one of the approved categories and your new course must be starting within one month of the date your current leaves is due to expire. Your application for an extension should be made before the expiry of your current leave.

As with your initial application, you will still need to ensure when you make your application that you can show you meet the requirements. If the educational establishment where you are going to be studying have provided you with a new Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter then this will give you 30 points. You will then need to obtain 10 points for funds and maintenance.

As you will have already been studying, you may qualify as a student with an ‘established presence’ and therefore will only be required to show you have the living costs of £1020 ( studying within London) or £820 (outside of London) for a maximum of 2 months rather than the normal 9 months. You will then have to show you can meet the cost of the fees for the first year of your continued study.

If you have any queries regarding your student visa extension, then contact a member of our Immigration team.

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