How Will The 2021 Budget Affect UK Immigration?

Legally reviewed by: Sherena Lawrence In: Immigration

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Rishi Sunak, laid out proposals in his 2021 budget report for new UK immigration visa routes to be implemented by March 2022.

The aim of the UK government’s new visa routes will be to attract the most ‘highly skilled’, ‘global mobility talent’ from around the world with a particular focus on academia, science, research and technology.

The new UK immigration visa proposals are:

  • To introduce an “elite points-based visa”.

As part of the elite points-based visa, there will be a ‘scale-up’ stream which will enable start-up businesses to offer employment to ‘highly-skilled migrants’ to qualify for a “fast-track” visa process.

The elite points-based visa route will primarily focus on highly-skilled migrants to come and work in the UK’s growing ‘FinTech’ sector without the need of a sponsor.

  • The UK government intend to reform the existing ‘Global Talent’ visa to include holders of international prizes and winners of scholarships and programmes for early promise.
  • A much needed review of the existing ‘Innovator’ visa to make it easier for foreign nationals with the skills and experience to found an innovative business in the UK.
  • To launch a new ‘Global Business Mobility’ visa by spring 2022 for overseas businesses to establish a presence or transfer staff to the UK.

Although no detailed information has been provided to-date, this new visa route may update or replace the current ‘UK Sole Representative of an Overseas Business’ visa route.

  • To provide practical support to smaller companies who are using the visa system for the first time.

The final point would be to primary assist businesses in obtaining sponsor licences in order to recruit skilled migrants to work in the UK.

Please note that these proposed changes will not be confirmed until they are stated in the ‘Statements of Changes’ of the Immigration Rules.

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