Increased UK Visa Fees From 4th October

Increased UK Visa Fees From 4th October
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Changes to Visa Fees

From 9am on the 4th October 2023, the Government is increasing UK visa fees. In some instances, UK visa fees are increasing as much as 35%.

The increase in visa fees follows the Government’s announcement in July that it would be increasing immigration fees to help fund public sector pay increases.

Additionally, an 66% increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge (the mandatory fee applied to migrants to provide access to NHS services) is expected to be introduced later in the Autumn.

Read more details about the new visa fees here.

Increases to UK Visa Fees

Visa type Cost before 4th October 2023Cost after 4th October 2023% increase
First spouse or partner visa (for partners coming to the UK for the first time) £1,538 £1,846 20%
Spouse or partner visa extension (for people already in the UK applying to stay) £1,048£1,0480%
Applying for a visa to stay with your child who is British or has lived in the UK for over 7 years  £1,538 £1,846 20%
‘Skilled Worker’ visa – applications made from outside the UK, visa valid for less than three years £625£71915%
‘Skilled Worker’ visa – applications made from inside the UK, visa valid for less than three years£719 £827 15%
 ‘Skilled Worker’ visa – applications made from outside the UK, visa valid for more than three years £1,235 £1,42015%
‘Skilled Worker’ visa – applications made from inside the UK, visa valid for more than three years £1,423 £1,500 5%
Indefinite Leave to Remain 
£2,885 20%
Seasonal worker visa £259 £29815%
Applying to join a loved one who is a refugee in the UK £388 £404 4%
British citizenship £1,250 £1,500 20%

Why are Visa Fees Increasing?

Migrants and businesses are widely opposing the increasing visa fees, stating that the fees are too high. A report published by the Royal Society in 2021 reveals that the total upfront immigration costs are much higher in the UK than other countries such as Canada, France, Germany and USA.

The UK government chooses for the fees to be more than the cost of processing applications to help fund wider borders and the immigration system. However, the latest fee differs as the higher fees are being introduced to allow more funding for public sector pay rises.

Visa Recommendations for Migrants and Employers

For anyone wishing to avoid the increase in visa fees, we recommend individuals and businesses act fast. There is a short window to file an application before the fee update.

Furthermore, it’s important to consider where an individual is currently based and what their personal circumstances are. This includes considering the individual’s nationality and current immigration status. This is because the individual may need to obtain additional documents before being ready to file, such as the English language requirement or obtaining a TB certificate.

It is possible that the Home Office’s digital systems will struggle to manage the increase in applications before the 4th October. Additionally, there is a risk that the website may go down down in the days before the deadline. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting your submission in a few days before the deadline, to avoid missing out in the rush before the 4th October.

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