Record number of study visas granted in 2021

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According to new data from the Home Office, the number of study visas issued this year has reached record levels.

In the twelve months up to the end of September 2021, the UK Home Office issued 428,428 sponsored study visas to international students and their dependents.

The figure represents the largest total since records began surpassing the previous highest total of 307,744 back in 2010 by more than a quarter (29 per cent).

The number of student visas issued also saw a significant increase in the last two years with 143 per cent more issued than the year to September 2020 and 55 per cent more issued than the year to September 2019.

Less than one in 10 (9 per cent) of the student visas awarded belonged to EU nationals.

 However, there was significant growth compared to last year from several non-EU countries including; China who saw a 157 per cent increase to 135,457 visas, India which saw a 102 per cent increase to 90,669 visas and Pakistan which saw a 270 per cent increase to 14,485 visas.

One of the most significant percentage increases came from Nigeria, where there was an increase of 347 per cent from 8,229 visas issued in 2020 to 36,783 visas issued in 2021.

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