Changing Employers while you’re on a UK Tier 2 Visa

Tier 2 Visa Change of Employment
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Changing Employment on a Tier 2 Visa UK

If you have been living and working in the UK on a tier 2 visa for some time, you may be thinking about making a career change or moving up the ladder.

We understand that, as a work visa holder, you will want to move on to your next job with the smallest amount of hassle. However, to change employment whilst on a tier 2 visa, you generally must apply for a new visa.

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Can I change jobs on a tier 2 visa?

You can change jobs while you are in the UK on a tier 2 visa, but you will have to make a new tier 2 visa application. This is even so if the time on your current certificate of sponsorship (CoS) has not run out. You can’t change jobs without applying for a new visa, because your sponsor was considered in your original visa application as part of the reason that you were valuable to the UK.

Have a read of our tier 2 page to refresh your knowledge on your current visa terms

Job-hunting as a Tier 2 Visa Holder

If you want to move on from an employer that currently sponsors you, there are a few things that you will have to consider before you move jobs.

Firstly, you must make sure that any potential new company is also on the UK sponsor licence register and is therefore legally able to hire you as a worker from abroad.

Also, it is a good idea to carry out the job-hunting process while still in your previous position, as new jobs that you apply for will most likely be subject to the resident labour market test. This means that they will have to be advertised for a total of 28 days before it can be offered to you as a tier 2 visa holder.

It is very important that you have continual employment in order to remain legally in the UK under the terms of your tier 2 visa.

I’ve got a New Job – What's Next?

Congratulations! Before you start your new job, you will have to ensure that you have all the correct paperwork ready. This will include:

  • A new certificate of sponsorship
  • A new biometric residence permit (BRP)

These will be necessary to get your new tier 2 visa.

Have a chat with us if you need any of your current paperwork reviewed and for advice on what needs renewing after a Tier 2 change of employment.

Will a Tier 2 Change of Employment Affect my Family?

This will affect any of your family members who are dependents on your visa, as they will all have to go through the process of re-applying for their own. However, they will not need to leave the UK in order to do this, and they may be eligible for our fast-track service.

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How Much will it cost to have a Change of Employment under my Tier 2 Visa?

As your biometric residence permit (BRP) will have expired, you will need to apply online to renew it, and pay £161. Depending on your circumstances, you may also be subject to paying another immigration healthcare surcharge, which is £400 per year.

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Changing jobs under specific visa conditions can be a tricky process, and any errors can cause your visa to be refused, so it is a good idea to avoid them at all costs.

We can help steer you through the Tier 2 change of employment process and let you focus on settling into your new job, rather than having to worry about the paperwork.

We will help you assess all your options, as you may be able to consider another route,  such as switching from Tier 2 to ILR.

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