Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024
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Movement: Moving More For Our Mental Health

The 13th May– 19th May, marks this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week with the theme of “Movement: Moving more for our mental health.” With the latest NHS figures of 1 in 4 of us experiencing mental health problems every year, this week brings much needed discourse around mental health issues and calls for improved initiatives to tackle the issues surrounding it.

Cartwright King will be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week activities – championed by MHUK – by introducing movement into our daily lives to increase energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost self-esteem.

We have seen first-hand the profound impact the last few years have had on the mental wellbeing of our clients. This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week takes on a new significance as many of the population are navigating challenges such as a complex economic landscape, and a difficult job market.

Improving Mental Health Through Movement

The Mental Health Foundation states that regular movement is one of the best things we can do to protect our mental health. Our bodies and minds are connected, therefore, looking after ourselves physically can often help prevent problems with our mental health.

Even if you can only get a couple of minutes in, whether you’re going for a walk, moving through seated exercises, or running a 5k, moving can boost our mood and increase mental alertness and energy. Furthermore, movement can improve our self-esteem, reducing stress and anxiety to help us sleep better.

If you would like to incorporate more movement into your life, the Mental Health Foundation has provided useful tips and ideas on how to get the best mental benefits from the movement you are doing.

Read the guide here.

Over 2 Million People on NHS Mental Health Services Waiting List

Since 2017, the number of young people struggling with their mental health has nearly doubled. Currently, there are 2 million people on the NHS mental health services waiting list, with waits often taking a year or more. Mental health charity, Mind reports that people feel “overwhelmed and hopeless. They need support right now.” As a result, Mind is launching their #NoMindLeftBehind campaign, calling on people to raise awareness and raise vital funds to help improve the accessibility of mental health services. Mind is campaigning for reforms to the Mental Health Act, such as banning conversion therapy.

Read more about Mind’s current campaigns here and, discover how you can support the #NoMindLeftBehind campaign.

Going Beyond Legal Advocacy

At Cartwright King, our solicitors go beyond providing legal advice and representation. They also liaise with independent mental health advocates and other third party professionals, to ensure that support is provided to our clients when needed. 

We are committed to providing tailored legal advice to our clients and will prioritise their emotional well-being during their legal journey. 

If you are ever in a situation where you require legal advice from a Mental Health Solicitor, then please contact us here.

Spreading Awareness for Mental Wellbeing

We encourage everyone to learn more about mental health and how to improve their mental wellbeing. You can find more information on the Mental Health Foundation’s website:

You can raise awareness for mental health though your stories – Cartwright King colleagues have been encouraged to share their posts on LinkedIn, using #cartwrightking #MomentsForMovement #mentalhealthawarenessweek2024

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