Ex-professional footballer and Sky pundit has road traffic charges dropped

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Michael Balmer successfully defended a former, professional footballer at Wirral Magistrates Court. The former Everton and Sunderland player – and Sky Sports pundit – was convicted in his absence in 2020, of 2 offences of failing to furnish (supply) information, dating back to September 2019, contrary to section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988. The client was disqualified from driving – following his conviction – also in absence, receiving 12 penalty points on his driving licence. The client only became aware, some weeks later, when bailiffs contacted him regarding the outstanding fines.

How can Cartwright King help clients win road traffic cases, for failing to supply the relevant information?

The client had not received any of the 172 notices or the court summons, due to issues with his post. He instructed Michael, at Cartwright King, who successfully applied to have both cases re-opened and listed for trial. At trial, after hearing evidence from the client, the court accepted his explanation and found that he had a reasonable excuse for not complying with the requirement to provide information and found him not guilty of all charges.

What impact does the increasingly admin-driven nature of road traffic casework provide, i.e. in this case due to absence?

The case highlighted the issues with courts disqualifying people in absence and the requirement for the police and prosecution to issue paperwork to the correct address. These issues are becoming more and more common due to the increased administrative nature of road traffic proceedings and the Single Justice Procedure.

How can Cartwright King help with road traffic incidents?

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Why choose Cartwright King to help with Motoring Offences?

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