Breast Cancer Care Fundraiser


On June 2019, Vanessa Fox, a Sheffield-based family and childcare solicitor, sadly lost her battle with cancer.

Many of her colleagues were touched and saddened by her passing; and as Vanessa gave so much to others, Paul Szabo, Director at Cartwright King Solicitors in Sheffield, felt it was only fitting to honour her by giving something back in her name.

Paul spoke with those close to Vanessa, and it became clear that the Breast Cancer Care Charity was one which was very close to her heart, and one which she fully supported.  Paul set up a Just Giving donations page for people within the Sheffield and District Legal Community wishing to make a contribution, with the money raised to be donated to the Breast Cancer Care Charity in Vanessa’s name. Thanks to Paul’s efforts, an amazing £1,678.75 was raised and donated in memory of Ms Fox.

Paul said “I am absolutely delighted with the amount raised, and would like to thank the generosity of the Sheffield and District Legal Community. Vanessa would have been humbled and honoured by the way in which her colleagues have reacted, and it is a fitting tribute to a lady who was very much respected.”

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