Launch into the future with Cartwright King Solicitors


Cartwright King Solicitors, national legal practice, is ready to deliver an ambitious new brand which reflects the firm’s modern and innovative approach, whilst remaining true to the heritage of the firm.

Head of Marketing, Kelly Lyons, elaborates on why now is the perfect time to launch the rebrand: “A strong brand has always been essential to attracting new clients and creating loyalty with existing ones. Even before the pandemic the Cartwright King brand added value to our client relationships, but our new brand will add an extra level of depth that will elevate these relationships.

“Over the past 12-months, Cartwright King has remained conscious to the on-going situation, by continually reassuring and prioritising our clients, many of whom are vulnerable individuals.

“We’re proud to showcase the new-look Cartwright King identity, illuminating our distinctive brand and living the values that we believe separates us from the competition.”

The all-new website delivers the rebrand through warm language, vibrant imagery and promoting the extensive knowledge of our legal team, focusing on the considerable legal-support services available.

There is a real emphasis on introducing the Cartwright King team so clients can quickly learn more about the people that make Cartwright King so unique.

Charles Metherell, Cartwright King CEO, said: “This rebrand reaffirms the values we hold as a firm. Cartwright King clients can expect to be supported, understood and cared for throughout their journey with us: Put simply, we’re the calm throughout the storm.”

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