Mental Health Awareness Week 2018


This week (14- 20th May) is Mental Health Awareness week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation.

This year, MHF have chosen to focus on stress.

Research has shown that two thirds of people experience a mental health problem at some point in their life time. Stress is often a key factor in this.

By addressing stress, we can help alleviate problems associated with it including anxiety and depression.

Throughout this week, the Mental Health Foundation have been exploring ways in which we can combat stress and in turn, help improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Alison Ward, Director of Mental Health Services at Cartwright King comments:

“Mental Health Awareness week appears to be gaining publicity year on year. This week I have seen numerous articles in the press and on social media and earlier today heard Lauren Laverne talking about it on 6 Music.

The message is getting out there that so very many people have issues with their mental health. It is no longer a taboo subject, which is great.

I hope the awareness raising continues so that people who are struggling and have struggled with their mental health, feel empowered and included.”

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