Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


Cartwright King is fully supportive of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.

Millions of us have experienced a mental health problem in the pandemic, or seen a loved one struggle, and many turned to nature for comfort. Research shows going for walks outside has been a top coping strategy.

Cartwright King will be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week activities – championed by MHUK – by building in some small, yet effective, activities into our daily lives, to feel more positive and celebrate life!

Use the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ during the week:

1. Connect – Talk to the people in your life, be it friends, family, colleagues or neighbours – invest time in developing them.

2. Be Active – Not everyone needs to be a fitness fanatic to boost your wellness through activity. You could go for a walk or run, cycle or dance.

3. Take Notice – Take stock of your surroundings, be curious, catch sight of the beautiful. Greater awareness of the surrounding world helps us see the unusual and notice simple pleasures like the changing seasons.

4. Keep Learning – Try something different, rediscovering an old interest or signing up for a course you’ve always wanted to do. Learning helps to improve confidence and widen our skillset.

5. Give – Giving encapsulates many things, from showing goodwill and generosity of spirit to giving presents or giving up our time. Why not do something nice for a friend, or a stranger? Thank someone.

We’ve encouraged the CK family to support MHUK, by planting a tulip and seed a conversation!

The idea is to sew the seeds of conversation by planting a tulip, using the specially commissioned design by Paul Cummings MBE:

Plant your tulipDownload Paul Cummins’ tulip and print it out (or create your own), colour it in blue and put it up in your window

Reflect – Reach out to someone and talk to them about how they’re doing, and about the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’

Share your story – Bring the conversation about the pandemic to life in years to come by submitting your stories – Cartwright King colleagues have been encouraged to share their posts on LinkedIn, using #cartwrightking #mentalhealthuk #mentalhealthawarenessweek2021

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