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Child Care Solicitors in Middlesbrough

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Our child care solicitors in Middlesbrough are experienced in providing considered legal advice across all child care proceedings in child law and advanced family law. Whether you are based in Middlesbrough, the surrounding area or further afield in the UK, our experts are here to support you.

Recognised as a Legal 500 firm, the highly-trained solicitors at Cartwright King pride themselves on delivering a professional service in a timely manner, carefully weighing up your advice and preparing you for all pressured deadlines. Whether you need a solicitor to help you retain custody of your children, or are looking to gain a Special Guardianship Order, the team will put the child’s welfare first when working towards the desired outcome.

At Cartwright King, we all know only too well how distressing these cases can be. Whether your case has come about from a relationship breakdown, or social services have raised concerns, there are bound to be heightened emotions all around. Our solicitors are here for you and offer tailored legal advice and genuine support whenever you need it.

With legal advice available via remote video calls and telephone consultations our team of solicitors are always contactable.

Ring us today on 01642 573 990 or fill in our online enquiry form to arrange a FREE, no-obligation telephone consultation with one of our child care solicitors.

Child Care Orders: What you need to know

If a pre-proceedings meeting progresses into a court case, the local authority can ask the Judge to implement a range of childcare orders. Fortunately, our child care solicitors in Middlesbrough have a proven track record representing all of the following orders:

Care Order

Care Orders are issued to remove a child from their home environment in extreme circumstances. Removing a child will always be seen as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. Under this ruling the child will be placed with a foster family or another family member, while a Placement Order is processed – this kickstarts the search for an adoptive family.

With Care Orders, the local authority takes parental responsibility, making the decisions regarding the child’s welfare on a daily basis.

Supervision Orders

Supervision Orders insist on the local authority supervising the care of the child for an additional 12 months. This timeframe can be extended for an additional two years if sufficient improvements have not been witnessed. During this time, social services will advise and support the child and their family and the child is permitted to remain at home.

Please note: Care and Supervision Orders are only put in place when a child has come to harm or is at risk of harm. Child care proceedings are carried out to ensure every option has been considered to keep the child with their family. In some cases, however, this is not enough.

Special Guardianship Orders

At the close of some child care proceedings, it may be deemed necessary for the child to be removed from their familial home and placed with Special Guardians. Often known family members, these guardians gain the parental responsibility of the child, becoming accountable for their welfare. Our solicitors can also support family members in their ‘leave’ applications for parental responsibility; however, a Judge will have to weigh up the proposal in line with the Children Act 1989 welfare checklist.

Interim Orders

Most child care proceedings have Interim Orders put in place. These are simply temporary orders that monitor the child’s care for an additional period of time, allowing the local authority to witness the reassurance they need to allow the child to reside at home. The social services support the parents in this time, sharing responsibility. These orders can be implemented for any duration from 8 to 26 weeks. After which, a Judge will assess the evidence and make a final decision.

Book Your Free Introductory Consultation Today

Appointing a child care solicitor is no easy task. It is essential you have a rapport with this person, trusting them to represent you in a court of law. At Cartwright King Middlesbrough, we understand this and offer introductory consultations to help you get to know them before committing to an appointment.

Within your FREE, no-obligation telephone conversation, we aim to:

  • Learn more about you and the details of your case
  • Find out your childcare situation
  • Talk you through your options

All introductory consultations have no hidden costs and are completely confidential. Instead, we want you to treat them as an opportunity to get a feel of whether a Cartwright King solicitor is the right fit for you. Of course, there will be no pressure to appoint one of our experienced solicitors if you don’t want to.

*Please remember this “get to know you conversation” will not include any detailed legal or strategy advice and is purely offered as a goodwill introduction.

Why Choose Cartwright King’s Solicitors?

Our solicitors understand the emotional strain that comes hand-in-hand with child law cases. That is why, no matter who you are or your reasons for needing our legal services, you will be treated with the utmost respect throughout. The child’s welfare is at the heart of everything we do and, therefore,  we will always give you a transparent picture of your case.

We are experienced in explaining your legal proceedings in a clear and straightforward manner, cutting out the legal jargon to ensure you understand what is happening and why. Our child care team will represent you respectfully, giving you a voice during each stage of the process.

With our Legal 500 recognition, we are accredited for the high standard of legal advice we provide to our clients and the professional manner we deal with your case. All your proceedings will be given careful consideration to ensure your case achieves the best possible result.

Our Child Care Soliciting Rates

We wish to offer quality legal advice and representation to everyone who requires assistance. Therefore, at Cartwright King, we have an open and honest rate of fees for all our child care services. After all, your child’s stability hangs in the balance.

Our Middlesbrough Office

Our team of solicitors recently moved from their offices in Gateshead to Middlesbrough in November 2020. You can visit them at 205 TAD Centre, Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 7SF.

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Our Middlesbrough Office

Our Middlesbrough office is located at 205 TAD Centre, Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 7SF

Parking Facilities

As our offices are located outside the city centre, we are able to offer on-site parking at the TAD Centre Car Park. Look for the entrance opposite Oban Road.

By Train

Our office is situated a 45-minute walk from Middlesbrough train station; therefore, we would recommend taking a taxi from the Bridge Street West station entrance. A car journey from the station to the TAD centre is approximately 8 minutes.

By Bus

There are a couple of options when reaching us by bus. If your bus drops you on Newport Road, we would advise arranging a taxi to take you to our door. This distance is around a 40-minute walk but should be around a 10-minute drive.  However, if your bus stops outside Ormesby Grange Care Home, we are just next door.

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Frequently asked questions.

Previously known as a Contact Order, a Child Arrangement Order is often used to help separated couples to agree on the living and contact arrangement of their children. The order applies to children until they are over 16 years old, and allows for the person the child permanently resides with to name another adult that the child can visit, stay and have contact with. In exceptional instances, the court may make an order that applies to a child over 16.

In Defined Contact Orders, the agreed arrangements will be stipulated down to the very specifics; for example, these include dates, times and special circumstances. If there has been a particularly difficult separation or divorce, this type of Contact Order is preferable. Sometimes these orders will state another party must be present or even that the contact has to be ‘indirect.’ On the other hand, some orders are not quite as rigid in their arrangements.

In particularly turbulent circumstances, especially if you do not feel safe with or you are frightened of your previous partner, some meetings are simply not appropriate. In these situations, you must open up to your child care solicitor so the court can be informed. If you cannot face your former partner/spouse, it is completely acceptable for you to meet with a Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) Officer on your own.

In these instances, the court can deem it necessary for your Cafcass officer to conduct and prepare a Welfare Report. This document will help the court to consider the following:

  • Domestic violence that has been suffered by you, the other party, the child/children, including any violence that the child witnessed.
  • The risk of harm your child may be put at if a Contact Order allows too much access.
  • If it is safe for any of you to have contact when there has been reported domestic violence.
  • Your children’s wishes on where they want to reside and how much contact they would like to have.

It is crucial you are completely open and honest with your Cafcass officer if there has been any involvement of another organisation as a direct result of domestic violence. This is inclusive of the Police, a GP or any domestic violence organisations or charities.

In their local area, social services have a responsibility for the level of care the local children receive. If they have any reasons to doubt their welfare or safety, they must act and involve all relevant parties. They can respond to issues raised by members of the community, teachers and GPs, to family members and friends of the family.

If their concerns suspect a child has come to harm or is at imminent risk of harm, they must inform the police instantly. The police have special protective powers that enable them to be able to remove a child from their home for up to 72 hours. In extremely rare cases, their powers extended to the implementation of Emergency Protection Orders which can see a child removed for 8 days.

For the large majority of concerns, a pre-proceedings process is sufficient, under the Public Law Outline. Cartwright King solicitors can support all members of a family as soon as the initial pre-proceedings correspondence is received, guiding through you the following meetings and advising you with the creation of a care plan. If your case progresses to court, we can provide you with consistent representation throughout.

Any child care proceedings or advanced family law matter will require a specialist child care solicitor. Wherever you are based in Manchester, or the surrounding area, our experienced solicitors can help take the legal pressures off you, while you cope with the emotional distress that comes hand-in-hand with these cases.

Our Manchester-based child care solicitors specialise in complex and sensitive child care proceedings. They will be there throughout the entire process, ensuring you have the right expertise and guidance at every stage. Let them do what they do best, taking care of pressured deadlines, piles of paperwork and the collation of evidence. From previous experience, they can provide you with the most current legal information, giving you the best chance of a favourable result.