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Child Care Services in Northampton

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Our child care solicitors in Northampton provide a professional, personalised legal service spanning across proceedings in child law and advanced family law. Their high standard of legal advice and representation has been recognised and our law firm is now acknowledged by Legal 500.

Child care proceedings and child arrangements can be highly emotive cases, putting a lot of additional stress on the parents/guardians, as well as the children it affects. That is why, our solicitors look to alleviate the pressure, taking care of all your pressured deadlines and paperwork. They will be able to collate all your evidence and state your case, allowing you to dedicate your time to your children.

With no judgement and the utmost respect, our solicitors will dedicate the time to understand your legal matter, exploring every option that provides the best result. At Cartwright King, we put the child’s welfare at the forefront of our minds, explaining every decision so you don’t get left behind in legal jargon.

If your case progresses to court, our solicitors will provide you with consistent representation, ensuring your voice is heard through each hearing. Whether this is concerning a Care Order, Special Guardianship Order or issues surrounding contact with your child in care, we have the skills and expertise to assist no matter the complexity of your child care proceedings.

All our solicitors can provide legal assistance during in-person meetings at our Northampton office or virtually via telephone and video meetings. Just let them know what methods suit you and they will be happy to oblige.

To arrange your FREE, no-obligation introductory consultation today, give our child care solicitors a call on 01604 968 568 or send them an online enquiry form.

Let Our Solicitors Support You

Child Arrangements

Any separation or divorce is extremely difficult, with so many affairs to get in order. However, if you and your former partner have children, deciding where they are going to reside adds additional stress and complications. Previously known as a Contact Order, a Child Arrangement Order is an agreed document that states the living arrangements of your children. Until your children are 16 years of age, this order stipulates their home address and the name of another adult with whom they can visit, stay and contact.

Our child care solicitors in Northampton can support you during this difficult process. We will do everything possible to ensure your children live with you, applying to the court and collating all the necessary information to give you the best possible chance.

If you are unable to meet with your former partner, we help you contact a Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) Officer and advise you on Defined Contact Orders if this is something you feel is necessary. If this is not required, we can work with your former partner’s solicitor to help you both agree on a parenting plan in an attempt to avoid the case escalating to court.

Parental Responsibility Orders

If you require support applying for a Parental Responsibility Order, we can help you present your application. Parental responsibility is paramount, without it you are unable to make decisions regarding your child’s life legally. A child’s birth mother will gain this responsibility automatically; however, for other adults to be allocated this right will depend on additional circumstances.

Child Maintenance

Parents have a duty to support and provide for their children financially if they do not reside with you. Two different methods can be agreed upon between former partners, a voluntary agreement or the use of a third party to oversee the payments.

The voluntary method sees an ex-partner transferring maintenance payments as and when required; whereas, a Child Maintenance Service can deal with the arrangements of a set payment at agreed internals.

If your ex-partner is failing to financially support the upbringing and maintenance of your children, our solicitors can advise you on the best course of action to enforce the payment. Let us take away the stress and help you get the support you need to raise your children.

Child Protection

We are also able to pursue a variety of options if you have concerns regarding the safety of your child, or if you believe the other parent may attempt to take the child abroad without your consent. In these instances, do not hesitate to get in touch with our child care solicitors.


If you are a prospective parent looking to adopt a child, you will need to undergo a variety of evaluations and legal procedures. With experienced legal representation and guidance, a child care solicitor can oversee this process for you. In some instances, your case may be affected by previous legal proceedings. With our expertise, we can advise particular practices to help reduce their effect on your adoption application.

On the other hand, we are also able to support biological parents in their Opposing Adoption Order applications. During the initial child care proceedings, this resistance can be made once a Placement Order has been suggested. However, it is also possible to ask a court for ‘leave’ once an Adoption Order is mentioned. This gives you time to regain custody, as long as the court can see a significant improvement. Of course, Cartwright King Solicitors Northampton can take care of each process for you, supporting you throughout so you have the best possible chance of a successful application.

Arrange Your Free Introductory Consultation Today

Selecting and appointing a child care solicitor is a difficult but vital part of your legal preparations. You need to be able to put your trust in them, opening up and allowing them to speak on your behalf. Without a good rapport, this is extremely challenging. At Cartwright King, we understand the significance this trust has on your entire case. Therefore, we offer all prospective clients the chance to get to know our solicitors before they decide about formally appointing them.

During your FREE initial telephone consultation, we will:

  • Look to gain more information about you and your case
  • Gain an understanding of your childcare position
  • Give you an understanding of the options available to you

All calls are treated confidentially and are completely free of any charges. We invite you to use this conversation as an opportunity to see whether our solicitor’s working practices work for you. If not, don’t worry, there is no obligation to appoint our child care soliciting expertise.

*Please remember this call cannot and will not include any legal advice or strategy. It is simply a goodwill conversation for you to get to know us.

Why Appoint Cartwright King’s Child Care Solicitors?

Our child care solicitors have received recognition from both the Legal 500 and the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession, offering you confidence in their ability to support your case with a professional and personal approach.

With quick responses, we understand that during these difficult times efficiency is needed to provide you with as much clarity during the upheaval of child care proceedings. And, regardless of your reasons for needing our services, our solicitors conduct themselves with the utmost respect and without judgement.

Our Child Care Soliciting Fees

When there are questions raised regarding a child’s care and stability, we believe everyone should be able to access high-quality legal advice. Our solicitors are available to help you with your child law and advanced family law cases at competitive rates. At Cartwright King, we provide soliciting services at honest prices, with no hidden fees.

Our Northampton Office

Our child care solicitors have been based in Northampton since 2016, at Braybrooke House, 4 Spencer Parade, Northampton, NN1 5AA.

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Our Northampton Office

Our Northampton office is located at Braybrooke House, 4 Spencer Parade, Northampton, NN1 5AA

Parking Facilities

Our premises in Braybrooke House do not have on-site parking. However, there is pay-and-display off-street parking on Spencer Street. If there are no spaces available, there is another public car park a 4-minute walk away – The Ridings Car Park, NN1 2AQ.

By Train

If you choose to visit us by train, Northampton Station is only a 16-minute walk away. There is also a taxi rank outside the train station’s entrance.

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There is an extensive bus network within Northampton. To reach us by this public transport, you will need to find a route that stops on St Giles’ Street and Billing Road.

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Frequently asked questions.

All child care proceedings begin with the pre-proceedings process. After an initial PLO meeting, a ‘public law’ case is taken up in court. It is worth remembering that these processes are looked at as a final attempt to improve a child’s home situation, with a desire to keep them with their family. However, if after working through the Public Law Outline Procedure, no or little improvements are seen, then a court will aim to find a solution that best guarantees the child’s welfare. Our Northampton-based solicitors are able to support you right from your initial pre-proceedings meeting to your court hearings.

The large majority of child care cases follow the process below:

  • Case Management Hearing – your initial hearing will simply establish the upcoming process, determining when and how the case will be approached.
  • Contested Removal Hearing – if a case has been made to remove a child from their home address, it is during this hearing that you will have the opportunity to contest this ruling. The court will then look to resolve where the child will remain during the remainder of the case.
  • Issues Resolution Hearing – with the help of our Northampton solicitors, your evidence will be presented to help you have the best possible chance of keeping your child. All parties will have the opportunity to express their views and the hearing aims to address all the identified issues.
  • Final Hearing – If the previous hearing cannot come to a decision, a Final Hearing will go ahead. A Judge will hear all the evidence again and make a final ruling on where the child should reside or the terms regarding their care.

This process is only different if a child is considered at risk. Instead of raising an issue in writing, and starting the pre-proceedings process, the social services will instead involve the police. The police have superior protective powers that allow them to remove a child from their home environment for 72 hours when they have come to harm or are at risk of harm.

In more extreme scenarios, this initial removal can be followed up with an Emergency Protection Order, taking the child out of their home address for a further 8 days. No matter what the details are of your child care proceedings, our solicitors will guide you through your process, protecting your rights and prioritising your child’s welfare.

All child care proceedings look to be resolved within 6 months (24 weeks) from when the initial application was made.

If the Local Authority makes a case to remove your child and the court sanction this decision in their Final Hearing, it is possible for you to appeal this decision. In instances where a Care Order has been granted, our solicitors can support you through an application to discharge this ruling.

If you are ever worried about a child’s welfare your best course of action is to inform your Local Authority’s social services department. They have a duty of care to the children in the local community and will have processes in place to ensure every concern is dealt with correctly. A social care worker will be able to access the child’s records to see whether there are any other areas of concern, carrying out the necessary investigations before coming to any formal conclusions.

In instances where you have concrete reasons to question a child’s care; for example, you have witnessed a child coming to harm under questionable circumstances, you can also inform the police. They will be able to follow up on your concerns or pass on the information to the social services.