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Driving Offence Legal Fees

Motoring Law

As a nationally recognised criminal defence practice, all our lawyers deal with cases involving driving offences. However, we also have a dedicated specialist unit who concentrate their expertise on legal representation of motorists who find themselves in difficulty with motoring laws and regulations. That’s why we have a dedicated page for driving offence legal fees.

Whether Directors or Senior Solicitors, members of the specialist team all have many years’ experience dealing with all aspects of the road traffic act and transport law. Details of the team and the type of issues we deal with can be found on our website.

Clarity in Motoring Offences

We understand that motoring offences can be very stressful and try to minimise that stress by providing clarity about the defence costs involved. Listed below are our charges for dealing with the more common types of motoring offence cases. If your motoring offence case does not fall into one of these groups, we will provide a bespoke quote for you.

Speak to a Driving Offence Solicitor

We will conduct an initial call enquiry about your case without charge to confirm that it is a driving offence we can help with. This will typically involve an initial consultation by telephone. Please feel free to call us or email us using this contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

New prosecution procedures called the “Single Justice Procedure” mean that managing and monitoring your case to an appropriate hearing and providing legal advice throughout the court process have become increasingly important. We are happy to do this for you.

Our Driving Offence Legal Fees – fixed fees

For cases involving driving offences, an offence solicitor can charge an hourly rate. Yet, for clarity and simplicity, we also offer fixed fees. We cover motoring offence cases all over the country and will advise you of any additional charges incurred in travelling to a court which is more than 1 hour from our offices. Typically this would be at £100 per hour.

Initial advice – £300 +vat

Basic legal services – to receive your papers, consider and advise you either by telephone or in one of our offices – this will include providing advice on possible defences and likely sentence if pleading guilty; £300 plus vat [Includes conference time of 30 minutes].

Written guilty plea – £500 +vat

The fixed fee is as above but includes managing your case to a conclusion by submission of a written guilty plea. This will additionally include preparing a letter in mitigation and further preparatory work involved in communicating with the court on your behalf.

Court appearance: guilty plea – £800 +vat

Legal representation during a court hearing with a guilty plea [assuming one final hearing] will include meeting you at court and providing legal representation in your case as a priority on the day; £800 plus vat. [Includes conference time of 1 hour]

Court appearance: defending your driving licence (exceptional hardship case) – £1,500+vat

In a driving offence case where you are required to give evidence – special reasons or specific circumstances – to protect your licence (often called “exceptional hardship cases”, read more about it here), legal representation will include conference as required and the preparation of a written submission to the court to assist your evidence, accompanying you on the day at court and presenting your case to the court. We will always advise on your rights of appeal and the corresponding key stages as necessary.

Bespoke Driving Offence Legal Fees – fixed

We are regularly instructed to challenge cases in a court hearing. These motoring offences typically go beyond simple speeding offences and cover careless driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving, drink driving and dangerous driving. Typically these involve driving offence representation costs of £3,000 plus vat and any expert report fees. In every motoring offence trial case you would be provided with a detailed costs estimate.

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