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Separation Agreements

Financial Agreements & Settlements


If you are worried about the financial aspect of separating from your partner, our dedicated Family Law Team can help you secure a separation agreement while you consider what the next steps are for your marriage or civil partnership. Our specialist Family Lawyers help make the first phone call easier, putting you at ease.

For compassionate, non-judgemental family law advice, get in touch with our Family Law Team today.

How Cartwright King Can Help With Separation Agreements

Cartwright King’s specialist Family Law Team focuses purely on family law issues, ensuring that you benefit from a personalised, fully-focused service. Amid a separation, our Family Law Team gives you honest, rational and straightforward advice, giving you a plan of action that empowers you to secure the right agreement for you.

Having the right advice is often the difference when it comes to resolving your case with minimal stress and confrontation.

We can help with:

  • Division of property
  • Interim arrangements determining who will live in the property and how you will pay bills or share bills
  • Division of investment products and savings
  • Dealing with payment of maintenance to either of you or the children
  • A framework for the arrangements for the children during school term time and school holidays
  • Other provisions for the children – including payment of school or university fees
  • Decisions about family businesses or partnerships, and the transfer of shareholdings

Benefit from a Free, Initial Telephone Conversation

The first step is always the hardest when deciding to separate. That’s why you can benefit from a free, initial telephone call with a specialist Cartwright King Family Lawyer to assess your options. You’re under no pressure to instruct us, this is an opportunity to take that difficult first step.

There’s no substitute for speaking to one of our specialist Family Solicitors to get rational, clear advice that will help you secure a fair separation agreement.

For immediate assistance, call us or email us for your free* initial discussion. 

The discussion is completely informal and confidential, and is an opportunity for us to:

  • Get to know you 
  • Understand your situation
  • Agree how you want to proceed

*Please be aware that this is a ‘get to know you’ call and no advice will be given.

Why Choose Cartwright King for Separation Agreements?

Personal, pro-active and productive, three defining traits of Cartwright King’s service, which combine to ensure that you benefit from rational, honest legal advice. 

Separating from your spouse or civil partner can be upsetting and cause huge upheaval for your entire family, but our Family Lawyers will keep you calm to help you make decisions with clarity and to minimise distress and upheaval.

Our advice is backed by experience of dealing with all manner of separation issues. You can trust this experience to help guide you through the process as there aren’t many situations we haven’t come across before when dealing with separation cases. 

Our Family Lawyers  go above and beyond to give you the support you need, for added peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about helping you secure a fair separation agreement. That’s why we offer sound, honest, reliable legal advice to ensure that you’re prepared for the process.

Working with a specialist Cartwright King solicitor gives you the assurance of having access to legal counsel who will advise you at every stage of your case. 

We know that separating from a spouse or civil partner can be stressful. That’s why we will do everything we can to minimise the stress and protect your interests.

We’re committed to defending your legal rights and ensuring that you’re treated fairly throughout your case. When you need us most, we’ll be there to offer sound, sensible legal advice and sure guidance.  

We’re a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you counsel that you can count on.

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

No. A separation agreement is an option available to married couples or civil partners considering divorce or dissolution, without the pressure of having to rush into an irrevocable decision.

Separation agreements are commonly used by people who do not want to divorce because of religious reasons, or because they have not been married for the minimum 12-months required by law in order to file for divorce.

A separation agreement covers everything from home and asset division to childcare arrangements and who keeps the pets while you and your spouse and civil partner live apart:

  • Home and property – a separation agreement determines who will remain in the family home or whether it should be sold. If multiple properties are owned, a separation agreement covers these too
  • Childcare provisions – a separation agreement covers where your child(ren) will live, parental access and any financial arrangements
  • Mortgages and bills – a separation agreement will determine what proportion of the mortgage and household bills you will pay
  • Debts – a separation agreement determines who is responsible for clearing any outstanding debts
  • Savings and investments – a separation agreement will determine how any savings and investments are managed or divided fairly if necessary
  • Personal possessions – a separation agreement will determine what happens to any possessions that you own jointly with your spouse or civil partner. This can include anything from cars to artwork and furniture to sentimental items
  • Pets – a separation order will determine who gets to keep any family pets and what access the non-resident party will have

In their own right, separation agreements are not legally binding, but they are still considered to be a formal contract. Should a dispute arise over a separation agreement, its content can still be used in a Court of Law.

It’s for this reason that you should instruct Cartwright King’s Family Law Team to draft your separation agreement to ensure that it’s clear and protects your interests. If you decide to pursue a divorce, a separation agreement can be submitted to the Court, in which case it can be made the subject of a legally binding Consent Order.