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Insurance Fraud

Fraud & Tax Investigations

Insurance companies are increasingly investigating insurance claims, and if they are found to be fraudulent, a claimant can be reported to the police for insurance fraud or taken to court for contempt of court if false statements or testimonies have been provided. The consequences can be severe, including imprisonment.

If you’re accused of insurance fraud, having an incisive Business Crime Solicitor in your corner makes all the difference in proving your innocence. Cartwright King is home to specialist car insurance solicitors, home insurance lawyers and more.

Whatever fraudulent activities you’re accused of, you can count on Cartwright King for reliable, professional legal advice and guidance.

To speak to a specialist Business Crime Defence Solicitor, get in touch with Cartwright King now.

How We Can Help Defend You Against Your Insurance Fraud Allegation

Insurance fraud allegations require a specialist solicitor to scrutinise the evidence against you closely. Our Fraud Solicitors are highly experienced at uncovering discrepancies, doing everything we can to clear you of wrong doing. No matter how complex your case, our solicitors have got the skills to help you with:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Art or antiques insurance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Dangerous sports insurance
  • Employment liability insurance
  • Equine insurance
  • Holiday insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Retail and shop insurance
  • Shipping insurance
  • Stock insurance
  • Valuables insurance

If you need legal advice concerning any fraud allegations, get in touch with Cartwright King today. 

Unique Insurance Fraud Advocacy Services

Our unique advocacy services give you constant and consistent legal representation. Cartwright King can represent you at every stage of your case, giving you reliable, professional and effective legal guidance whenever and wherever you need us.

We can provide legal representation from initial arrest at the police station through to the Higher Courts. When you need us most, we will be there with the legal know-how and calm head to guide you through your case.

Benefit from a Free, Initial Telephone Conversation

If you suspect that you are going to be investigated, or you are already under investigation for fraud, you can benefit from a free, initial telephone call with a Cartwright King Business Crime Solicitor.

If you are suspected of motor insurance fraud, there is no substitute for speaking to a specialist Car Insurance Solicitor, or if you need legal advice from a solicitor for a different type of fraud allegation, our Business Defence team can help. 

For immediate action, call us or email us for your free* initial discussion. 

The discussion is completely informal and confidential, and is an opportunity for us to:

  • Get to know you 
  • Understand your situation
  • Agree how you want to proceed

*Please be aware that this is a ‘get to know you’ call and no advice will be given.

Why Choose Cartwright King Insurance Fraud Defence Solicitors?

We listen, we understand and we care about what happens to you. We know that allegations of any fraud not only affect you, but they impact your family and your financial future. We are committed to defending your legal rights and ensuring that you’re treated fairly throughout your case. When you need us most, we will be there to offer sound, sensible legal advice and sure guidance.  We are a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you defence counsel that you can count on, no matter how complex your case.

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

The type of insurance fraud defence lawyer you need depends on the fraud allegations made against you. For example, if you are accused of motor insurance fraud, then you need a car insurance solicitor to represent you.

Sentences for insurance fraud vary depending on the severity of the crime and the harm caused to victims. If you’re found guilty when acting alone, sentences can range from a substantial financial penalty to community service or imprisonment.

If you’re charged with leading a criminal gang that targets insurance firms for false payouts, lengthier custodial sentences are usually imposed.

A guilty plea can reduce your sentence for insurance fraud by up to a third. The length by which a sentence is reduced depends on how soon you enter a guilty plea. The later you plead guilty as your case progresses, the smaller the sentence reduction.

Yes. Details of your conviction will be logged with either the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) – formerly known as the CRB (Criminal Record Bureau), or the Police National Computer (PNC), or both. This information will be accessible by current or future employers.