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POCA Proceeds of Crime & Confiscation

Specialist Fraud Lawyers

You, your family members or your business can count on Cartwright King’s experienced solicitors to help you fight back against the restraints of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Whether your assets have been frozen, you’re facing conviction, or confiscation proceedings have started against you, our Proceeds of Crime Act solicitors provide advocacy and frontline defence when you need it most.

Call in Cartwright King’s POCA Solicitors

With your reputation and your business at stake, experienced counsel from a specialist POCA solicitor counts for everything. Experience and a calm, collected approach is the difference when your future is on the line, and that’s exactly what our solicitors give you.

Recognised by Chambers and partners as specialists in POCA and Asset Forfeiture, Cartwright King’s business crime solicitors have proven experience that we’ll put to use to fight your case, no matter how complex.

Over the years, we have taken on some of the most high profile POCA cases in the UK, particularly those involving Confiscation Orders. When you instruct Cartwright King you will have the backing of a high-calibre, Legal 500 firm that has:

  • Successfully argued against Confiscation proceedings even being initiated in the Crown Court
  • Challenged assumptions: including ‘criminal lifestyle’ and gifts (tainted, hidden, undervalue)
  • Successfully challenged prosecution applications to reopen Confiscation Orders
  • Successfully overturned Confiscation Orders in the Court of Appeal
  • Overturned prosecution applications to invoke criminal lifestyle cases

We can give you an arsenal of legal support and know-how to help you fight back and protect yourself against false allegations, confiscation of assets, violation of the POCA and more.

When you need us most.

How our POCA Solicitors can help you

Money Laundering Accusations

Our business defence lawyers will fight  on your behalf if you or your business is accused of money laundering. We’ll be your frontline defence in refuting the allegations to keep your reputation intact.

Account Freezing

If your personal or business bank accounts have been frozen without charges brought against you, our business defence lawyers will help you unfreeze those accounts. We understand that account freezing can have crippling implications for business operations, both financially and reputationally.

We’re here to help you fight for your rights and get you back access to your accounts.

Restraint Orders

Our business defence lawyers can help you fight back against Restraint Orders, supporting you with:

  • Applications to get a Restraint Order discharged
  • Variation of Restraint Orders in order to release assets and/or permit the sale/acquisition of assets
  • Releasing third party assets

Confiscation Orders

Confiscation proceedings can be incredibly stressful. Our business defence lawyers recognise the long-term consequences that could affect you, your family and your future. That’s why we will do everything within our power to support you. You can count on us to fight for you. We promise to:

  • Advise you throughout the entire process
  • Advise you on a confidential basis of any concerns you have
  • Prepare and collate all required documents
  • Represent you in court
  • Ease your worries
  • Argue your case
  • Prepare an appeal if necessary


If you’re the subject of a Confiscation Order that isn’t paid on time, enforcement proceedings can be brought against you. Our business crime lawyers can:

  • Represent you in the Magistrates Court
  • Negotiate certificates of inadequacy/variations, despite any findings made in initial hearings held in the Crown Court
  • Challenge the appointment of Receivers to sell your assets
  • Challenge applications for the default sentence to be implemented
  • Make applications to extend the time you’re given to pay
  • Negotiate additional time to pay even beyond the statutory time limits, having the effect of delaying Enforcement proceedings
  • Discharge or secure the variation of Confiscation Orders
  • Advise on how to appeal a Confiscation Order

Third Parties

If you’re an innocent third party affected by Enforcement proceedings, we can act on your behalf in the Crown Court or High Court to help with:

  • Applications for assets/income to be released from restraint
  • Advising on whether or not to provide witness statements in Confiscation proceedings
  • Representing you to tackle Enforcement proceedings
  • Challenging applications for Enforcement Receivers to take assets owned by you

Cash Seizure Detention and Forfeiture

In cases involving Cash Seizure Detention and Forfeiture, we can assist and represent you to oppose:

  • A Detention Order being made by the Magistrates Court to allow the police to hold it for up to two years whilst they investigate
  • A Forfeiture Order by the Magistrates Court unless the individual can prove the cash was from a legitimate source and for a legitimate purpose
  • Recovery of costs issues

Why choose Cartwright King to represent your POCA case?

POCA cases require an immediate response. The quicker we act, the greater chance we have of getting up to speed with the situation and getting organised. You need business defence solicitors that know what they’re doing and ready to move at a moment’s notice. Cartwright King is a Legal 500 firm that delivers swift, incisive legal services to keep your case moving.

We're here for you.