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VAT Fraud

Tax Investigations (HMRC)

Defence against VAT fraud allegations requires a vigilant solicitor to assist you. If you are under investigation by HMRC for VAT fraud, Cartwright King’s experienced VAT fraud defence solicitors have particular specialist skills to help clear you of any wrongdoing. We are your frontline defence against VAT fraud allegations.

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How Cartwright King Can Help You 

Cartwright King’s network of specialist Business Defence Lawyers and accountants ensure that you have the strongest defence possible against VAT fraud allegations. We’re thorough and effective in what we do, scrutinising every piece of evidence against you, in detail, while protecting your interests during an HMRC investigation.

We can help you with:

  • Allegations of inflated refund claims
  • Underreported sales allegations
  • Allegations of domestic sales disguised as exports
  • Carousel and Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud allegations
  • Allegations of using fraudulent VAT numbers
  • Confiscation orders 
  • Restraint proceedings
  • Police station representation
  • COVID/furlough fraud
  • Conspiracy to evade excise duty and VAT
  • Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue
  • Breach of import/export restrictions
  • Failure to file tax/VAT returns and tax evasion
  • Advice and assistance with dawn raids and arrests

Unique Advocacy Services

We can represent you at every stage of your case. Our unique advocacy services give you legal representation from initial arrest and interview at the police station through to the Higher Courts. When you need us most, we will be there with the legal know-how and calm head to guide you through your case.

Benefit from a Free, Initial Telephone Conversation

If you suspect that you are going to be investigated, or you are already under investigation, having the right legal representation is the difference when it comes to clearing your name. Starting with a free initial phone discussion, Cartwright King can take instructions for your case, anywhere across the UK. 

There’s no substitute for speaking to a specialist Business Defence Solicitor when you’re faced with VAT fraud allegations or charges. For immediate action, contact us for your free* initial discussion. 

The discussion is completely informal and confidential, and is an opportunity for us to:

  • Get to know you 
  • Understand your situation
  • Agree how you want to proceed

*Please be aware that this is a ‘get to know you’ call and no advice will be given.

Why Choose Cartwright King VAT Defence Solicitors?

We listen, we understand and we care about what happens to you. We know that allegations of VAT fraud not only affect you, but they impact your family, your business, and your colleagues. We are committed to defending your legal rights and ensuring that you are treated fairly throughout your case.

When you need us most, we will be there to offer sound, sensible legal advice and sure guidance.  We’re a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you defence counsel that you can count on, no matter how complex your case.

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Frequently asked questions.

If HMRC suspects that a fraud has been committed they will conduct an investigation to find evidence of how, where and when the fraudulent activity may have taken place. 

This can take the form of “a knock” in which HMRC officers conduct an immediate arrest and search of premises, or it may take the form of an invitation to attend a police station for an interview. 

When investigating fraud cases, HMRC can apply for search warrants to search properties and cars. They can also seize items such as phones, laptops and PCs and documents.

If investigating a business, HMRC can and will download information from servers causing internal disruption. Powers are used to obtain phone records, and banking information.

Meanwhile, bank accounts can be frozen and assets restrained by Court Order. In addition, you and any associates may be subject to continued surveillance to monitor your activities.

Whether you are or not involved in VAT fraud, the consequence of an investigation alone can be incredibly damaging to your reputation, your business, your career and family life.

After an investigation HMRC submits a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The CPS will make a decision on whether it is appropriate to charge anyone with a criminal offence. 

Investigations can be lengthy, and equally, it may also be some time before the Crown Prosecution Service makes a decision. If you are found guilty of VAT fraud, there are many variables that will determine sentencing. 

Get in touch with our specialist solicitors today for a run through of the factors that a court will consider when passing sentence and what can be done to mitigate it to reduce your sentence.