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Care Assessments

Health & Community Care


If a local authority refuses to conduct a community care assessment for a child or an adult, Cartwright King’s dedicated Court of Protection Team can help you trigger an assessment. Our specialist team is committed to protecting the rights of people who need community care, professionally presenting your case to get the best outcome. 

Get in touch with our dedicated Court of Protection team now for the advice and representation you need.

How Cartwright King can help you

With a team dedicated to dealing with community care issues, you benefit from specialist, personalised legal advice and representation. We empower you to challenge the refusal of a community care assessment, to give you a voice and ensure that you’re taken seriously.

You can count on our specialist advice to hold public bodies accountable for their duty of care to you.

We have a proven track record of helping people receive a community care assessment. You can turn to us for help if:

  • Your local authority fails to undertake an assessment of need when one might reasonably be required
  • There is disagreement about the outcome of an assessment and errors may have been made
  • Having undertaken an assessment, the local authority then fails to provide the right level of care
  • There is disagreement about a proposal by the local authority to change the level of care it provides
  • There is a change in circumstances, such as a deterioration in health, but the local authority fails to reassess need

Benefit from a Free, Initial Telephone Conversation

Challenging a public body over community care assessments can be an uphill battle. That’s why you can benefit from a free, initial telephone call with a specialist Cartwright King Court of Protection Solicitor to understand your rights and to discuss how we can best support you with the legal backing you need.

You’re under no pressure to instruct us, this call simply gives you a starting point before you make your next move.

There’s no substitute for speaking to our dedicated Court of Protection Team to get clear guidance on the best action to take for you or your loved one.

For immediate assistance, contact us today for your free* initial discussion. 

The discussion is completely informal and confidential, and is an opportunity for us to:

  • Get to know you 
  • Understand your situation
  • Agree how you want to proceed

*Please be aware that this is a ‘get to know you’ call and no advice will be given.

Why choose Cartwright King for Community Care Assessment Issues?

Dealing with community care assessment disputes requires trusted and experienced legal advice and representation, especially when your wellbeing and standard of living are at stake.

Cartwright King does more than give you legal advice and send you on your way, we offer total support from start to finish, standing alongside you to ensure that the care needs of you or your loved  one are heard and taken seriously.

Our dedicated Court of Protection Team works tirelessly to build your case to give it the best possible chance of success. We know that being denied vital community care can affect your health and living standards. 

That’s why instructing us gives you the legal firepower to ensure that you or your loved one has access to the care and support needed to maintain a good quality of life.

We listen, we understand and we genuinely care about your health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer sound, honest, reliable legal advice to ensure that you are heard and your legal rights are protected.

Instructing Cartwright King gives you the assurance of having access to dedicated lawyers,  focused specifically on community care issues. 

Getting the right advice from proven specialists is the difference in securing the best outcome for you. When your health and quality of life are at stake, our Court of Protection Team rises to the challenge.

We’re a trusted, resourceful Legal 500 top tier law firm with specialist solicitors that are calm under pressure, giving you advice and support that you can count on.

Legal Fees

Legal Aid may be available to cover the cost of health and social care matters. This means that a person’s legal costs could be wholly or partially paid from the Legal Aid Agency. 

Legal Aid is means tested, which means that the financial circumstances of the person benefiting from social care or healthcare will be assessed.

Cartwright King will always advise you on whether Legal Aid is available. However, if you’re ineligible for Legal Aid, Cartwright King will discuss private fee paying options and payment plans with you. The priority is ensuring that you have access to the highest standard of legal representation.

We're here for you.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes. If you think that your care needs have changed, for example, because of deterioration to your health, you can request a reassessment of your needs. You have the legal right to ask for the care provided to be adapted if your needs have genuinely changed.

Yes. If you are unhappy with a care assessment conducted by your Local Authority or the care you’re currently receiving, you can complain to your local government ombudsman.

Indeed. More often than not, the person in need of social care is not in a position to access legal advice because either they are a child or because of a disability, in which case, if you’re a family member or carer, it’s possible for you to open a case in the event of a dispute.

As a full-service law firm, we can assign specialists to act on behalf of adults or children who are unable to make decisions for themselves.