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27th March 2020

COVID-19 – What will happen regarding Social Care?

In reaction to these unprecedented times, the Government has drafted the Coronavirus Bill 2020.

The Coronavirus Bill is currently being scrutinised by Parliament and is yet to be enacted but it is expected this will be in the coming days.

When the emergency measures are put in place, it would temporarily end many of the Local Authorities duties to those in the community to provide social care to support and meet their needs.

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27th March 2020

Health Protection Bill - Regulations 2020

The UK Government passed the Health Protection Bill – (Coronavirus-Restrictions)(England) Regulations 2020 yesterday.

The Health Protection Bill is one that people should look at closely, as the restrictions that have been placed on our society, such as businesses to be closed is now law in the country. Only to be lifted by the Secretary of State, this is now life as we know it.

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27th March 2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – FAQs

This information was updated on 27th March 2020 and may become out of date very soon. Please watch out for updates.

The purpose of the new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, announced by the Chancellor on Friday 20 March, is to prevent workers who otherwise would have been laid off during this crisis to remain in employment

Key features

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