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7th July 2020

Coronavirus and Child Contact Arrangements

One of the unfortunate, but not unexpected, results of the coronavirus pandemic has been an upsurge in arguments between separated parents over child contact arrangements.

Some parents have chosen to exploit the Government’s Covid-19 guidance and stop contact visits altogether.

The President of the Family Division, the most senior Family Court Judge in the country, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has warned that those exploiting the coronavirus lockdown for their own ends could face legal action. He has warned:

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3rd July 2020

Court improvements following Covid-19

Last night the Prime Minister set out further plans for courts in the UK to begin looking at hearing the backlog of cases due to go through the system. 

The Law Society Gazette reported on 26 June that the amount of cases waiting to be hears in the Magistrates court in the UK has now reached 484,000 and the Crown courts backlog stands at 41,000.  

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3rd July 2020

Cartwright King offers help to Hong Kong residents

The current situation in Hong Kong has caused worry for many, and countries across the globe are offering residents assistance in the current climate.

New guidelines produced by the UK government cover British Nationals Overseas (BNO) in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong, and offer them the option to come to the UK on a longer permit than previously, and then change their status to a permanent resident.

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