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29th December 2014

Child Access Rights

Who has automatic rights to access with a child?

When considering who has automatic rights to spend time with a child, the main theory to understand is that of parental responsibility. A mother automatically holds parental responsibility however a father can obtain parental responsibility in three ways:

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22nd December 2014

Supervised Contact

In an ideal world, children should be able to spend time with their parents or significant other people without the need for a third party to be present to oversee that contact.  

For varying reasons, it may not be considered to be in a child’s best interest for them to have unsupervised contact. It could be that a parent is considered to be a risk or it could simply be that child has not seen the parent for some time and needs the reassurance of someone they know being present.

Who would supervise the contact?

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22nd December 2014

Cohabiting Rights

Our team of Family Law Solicitors examines the progression of the Cohabitation Rights Bill, which had its second reading in the House of Lords on 12 December 2014, and its impact should this proceed. 

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