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14th December 2017

UK Prosecutions for Fly Tipping Offences at Record Low

Government figures demonstrate that the number of successful prosecutions brought by councils against fly tippers has fallen to a record low.

In 2016-17, local authorities in England secured only 1.571 fly tipping prosecutions which is a fall of about a fifth in comparison to figures of 2,209 in 2007-08.

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7th December 2017

Legal Aid Evidence Relaxed for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Government has announced this week that victims of domestic violence will no longer have to go through harsh evidence tests in order to qualify for Legal Aid in family proceedings.

At present, legal aid is available to people involved in private family law disputes (e.g. which parent the child should live with and contact arrangements), if they are victims or are at risk of domestic violence and / or child abuse. The Legal Aid Agency currently accepts documents as evidence of this from social services, medical professionals and law enforcement.

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5th December 2017

Legal Bid Sparked By Fly-Tipping Offence

Alton based Simon Clifford plans to bring a private prosecution against a firm that dumped builder’s trade waste at the entrance of his land.

Mr Clifford claims that rubbish thought to be from a house renovation or clearance was fly-tipped onto his property, blocking the gate to his field back in May. Mr Clifford was left to remove the waste which set him back by £1000.

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