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Apply for a UK visa in Egypt

Egyptian nationals or people with permission to reside in Egypt and who wish to come to the UK, whether as a visit, to settle with family or for some other reason, are required to make an entry clearance application for a visa. An application should be made in accordance with the Immigration Rules and all applicants will need to demonstrate how they meet the rules. 

The application has to be made on line where a number of questions need to be completed and a fee will need to be paid. Once this has been done then the applicant can book an appointment to attend the Visa Application Centre in Cairo or Alexandria to provide any documentation in support of the application and also to have their photograph and fingerprints taken, known as their biometrics.  

A copy of the application form must be submitted at the appointment and the applicant must provide the originals and a photocopy of any documentation they are providing in support of their application, including a photocopy of each page of their passport. All documents should be accompanied with an English translation.

The Home Office and Entry Clearance Officers are becoming increasingly strict when making decisions and it is therefore very important that any application that is made, is made correctly and that the correct information and documentation is provided. 

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