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LinkedIn Guide #2 - How To Engage With Your LinkedIn Audience And When To Post

It's all well and good keeping on top of your LinkedIn updates, but there comes a point where 'consistent' and 'informative' becomes annoying. The key comes in staying on the right side of the divide and only posting when you actually have something of genuine interest to say, or something that you think might be able to net you a few connections.

How Often Should I Post?

LinkedIn themselves posted a report claiming that by posting 20 times a month you'll reach roughly 60% of your connections. This equals once every weekday, which (I'm sure you'll agree) seems a little lacklustre, especially considering you don't want to be reaching 60% of your audience, you want to be reaching 100%. On the other hand, posting every hour could result in your connections growing weary of you and deciding to ignore you altogether, so striking a balance is key. Remember, this isn't Facebook or Twitter, where the primary purpose is to entertain. This is business. As such you'll probably want to aim to post between 2 and 3 pieces of content or updates per working day, but only post if you actually have something worth sharing and something that's relevant to your business. Ultimately it depends on your business and how much important and interesting information comes your way on a daily basis. You might consider getting into the habit of posting at exactly the same time every day, so people actively wait for your posts, or maybe post once in the morning (when you get to work) and once in the evening (just before you leave). As I will repeat time and time again, it's very much a trial and error situation, not an exact science.

The Best Times to Post

The best time to post on a social network depends on the network in question, but with LinkedIn you're better off posting during the work day, as it's whilst they are at work that most people will actively be logged into their profile. Of course, this isn't always the case. For example, posting between noon and 1PM could be a good time to catch people whilst they're at lunch and if you post around 6PM you'll catch people just as they're arriving home from work.

The Worst Times to Post

Posting at night is generally fruitless, as most working people will be asleep. Posting a funny cat video to your friends Facebook wall at 2AM might be fine, but generally, between the hours of 10PM and 6AM social media is a complete 'dead zone' and this is certainly true with LinkedIn.

The Best and Worst Days to Post

Generally speaking, the best days to publish anything on LinkedIn are between Tuesday and Thursday. Monday's are a bad idea because people are getting back into the daily routine and are probably still clearing the sleep from their eyes, so will be less inclined to concentrate or take interest in your posts. Friday's have the opposite problem, with everyone being so eager to get out of the door that they completely neglect their profile. Also, some people might leave the office early on a Friday. Saturday and Sunday, meanwhile are generally dead zones for business related updates, as most of us like to 'switch off' and forget about the office at the weekend.

Knowing Your Audience

The best way to decide when is best for you to post is to work by trial and error. Try posting at various times and measuring how much feedback you get from your target audience in each instance. Also, pay attention to the days and the times of day that people comment on or share your posts and time your future posts to coincide with these times. Many people will have specific daily routines when they're at work, so if you manage to latch onto the routine of a person or a group of people you really want to reach, remember to make notes of when they are generally logged on.

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