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Can I bring my Filipino wife to the UK?

You can bring your Filipino wife to the UK by making an entry clearance application as a spouse or as unmarried partner if you are not legally married but have lived together for 2 years in a relationship akin to marriage.

The application must be made on line and you will be required to make an appointment with a local Embassy where you will have to hand in the application together with supporting documents to satisfy the very strict requirements of the immigration rules.

It is very important to provide all the specified documents in particular since the new Immigration Act of 2014 will abolish all appeal rights for this type of application later this year, save for a breach of human rights if applicable and any request for reconsideration, will not take note of any documents that was not submitted with the initial application and you will be required to make a new application by paying another fee.  

The rules require you to prove:

  • suitability of the applicant
  • not being closely related
  • having met
  • are in a genuine and subsisting marriage or civil partnership or lived together for 2 years
  • are free to marry
  • intend to live together permanently
  • an income of £18,600 p/a plus an additional £3,800 for one child applying and an additional £2,400 for each further child applying. Alternatively have enough savings calculated at a formula of £16.000 plus (the shortfall in salary x 2.5). You are exempt from meeting this requirement but must meet the adequate maintenance test in stead if you are on certain types of disability benefit or carer allowance.
  • adequate accommodation in terms of the Housing Act of 1985
  • proof of English Language at level A1 of the CEFR for Languages.

If you are an EEA or Swiss national, have refugee status or humanitarian protection, then different requirements apply.

How we can help

We understand how important it is to bring your wife to the UK and stress it can cause if an application is rejected.

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