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Can I switch from a Tier 4 visa to dependent visa?

If you are currently in the UK on a Tier 4 student visa then it is possible to switch categories if you are in a relationship with a British Citizen or someone who is permanently settled in the UK.  As long as you currently have leave to remain in the UK then you will need to make an application and if successful will be given 30 months leave to remain in the UK.  If you meet the requirements of the rules you will be placed on a 5 year route to settlement or if not, a 10 year route.

Alternatively if your spouse or partner is a European national then you can switch from a Tier 4 visa and apply under the European regulations. As the spouse or partner of an EEA national you can make an application for a 5 year residence card to live and work or study in the UK, as long as you can :

  1. Prove the relationship;
  2. Provide evidence that your spouse/partner is exercising treaty rights. This means that they must be working, studying, self-employed or self-sufficient in the UK.

If you have any queries or are looking to switch categories then please contact a member of our Immigration team. 

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